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Hey guys! ^^ I've been pretty MIA for the past few months but I'm back with a huge updated sales post! What's pictured above is only a small portion of what I've got for sale, so if you're interested please take a look at my LJ for a complete list!

Thank you for your interest! ^_^
02 December 2014 @ 09:59 pm

Hi everyone! I'm trying to clear out my collection--more information under the cut!

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22 November 2014 @ 01:05 am
I bought some doujinshi from this year's usuk event last june, doujinshi and artbook sale here
10 October 2014 @ 08:39 pm
Genre: Human!AU
Pairing: USUK
Rating/Warnings: Drunk!UK, but sfw.
Notes: I refrained from posting this earlier because I used this drawing as one of my audition pieces for the USxUK 2015 Calendar, but now that the audition is completely over, I guess it's ok to post it now :3
Also, congratulations to the artists who got in the calendar! Everyone’s audition pieces were beautiful, and even though I didn’t get in this year, I’m happy for the artists who did ouo The calendar will be amazing.
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10 October 2014 @ 06:57 pm
Genre: Chibi
Pairing: USUK
Rating/Warnings: Is chibi butt exposure rated mature? Surely it isn't.
Notes: A drunk chibi cuddling session at the local pub =u= (Happy birthday turtlelikelemon! I hope today is a good day for you ;u;)
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06 October 2014 @ 10:41 pm
Hello everyone! After tallying up the votes, here are the twelve artists that will be featured in our 2015 digital calendar. I wish that we could have accepted all of you. Please don't be discouraged if you weren't accepted. You're still great. There is such an outstanding amount of talent in this community, and we love it. ♥

Note: These are NOT in order by number of votes. They're just listed by where they were in the voting post. :)

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ALL ACCEPTED ARTISTS: Please check for an invite to usxukcalendar. This is just a community we set up so we don't clog this community with reminders and information posts for the artists. Please join this community and add it to your friends list. If you go here and do not see an invite, let me know and I'll get you one ASAP. If you do not have an lj account, please check your email for an email from me within the next day. Once you've done that, go to wait for me to make my first post. There you will find the month you have been assigned, and I'd also like if all artists could check in there.

Keep being the awesome community members you all are!
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05 October 2014 @ 08:12 pm
Selling some USUK and UKUS doujinshis + nekotalia doujinshis!
Check them out here!
29 September 2014 @ 11:36 pm
Hello everyone. Sorry this is so close to the end of the day. My internet has been really spotty.

Voting will close at 11:59 CST ON SUNDAY OCTOBER 5TH, which gives you almost a week to vote.

You must vote for at least five artists. You may vote for up to ten artists (this is encouraged!).

The artists are not 'numbered.' Rather they have a 'name' to refer to each of them. I chose to use U.S. states this year. I did this for a couple of reasons. 1) I'm... a lot better with words than numbers, so when I'm tallying up a poll of this magnitude, it makes it easier for me. 2) I thought it might make it easier for some of you, in regards to not accidentally mixing submissions up.

Your vote should look like this:

Top five:
1- Australia
2- India
3- U.S.A.
4- UK
5- China

Remaining votes:
6- Indonesia
7- Mexico
8- South Africa
9- Japan
10- Brazil

I used countries for the example, but of course your votes should be state names. Your top five votes do NOT need to be in order (as in, your first favorite doesn't need to be the first artist you list. They just need to be somewhere in those first five). They just need to be your top five favorites, unranked. 6-10 also do NOT need to be in order.

Your top five votes will receive TWO points a piece. Your remaining votes will receive ONE point a piece. That's why it's at least important to let me know what your five favorites are.

PLEASE LOOK AT ALL THE SAMPLES. Don't just look at the one on display, because there might be something else in the other two samples that really blows you away. ALSO- Remember that some artists submitted lower res images since I required they not have their normal signature/watermark. If you notice any graininess, PLEASE assume it is because of that and do not let it detract from your overall view of the art.

Artists- If you'd like me to change your main sample to another piece, let me know.

Voters- I've posted all the submissions anonymously, but of course I realize that there are many artists here that you are going to recognize. I trust you all to vote free of bias, based solely on the skill of the artists seen below. Please make sure to make this as fair as possible! Every artist here should have an equal chance. I trust you all to be honest; no sock accounts, no getting your friends to come vote for you, etc. You all are an amazing community, so I don't foresee this as an issue.

Artists... again- You MAY vote. Also, voting for yourself is not prohibited, if you absolutely feel that you deserve it.

If any links are incorrect or not working, please let me know. :)

Comments are SCREENED. If you are not a member of the community and choose to vote, please link to your tumblr or another account somewhere in your comment. This is just so we can make sure we don't have spam votes.

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Thank you and good luck to all of you artists!

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26 September 2014 @ 10:21 pm
Genre: Chibi
Pairing: USUK
Rating/Warnings: Even more diabetes None.
Notes: Another little chibi doodle, this time for Ori of Tumblr ouo
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24 September 2014 @ 01:03 am
Genre: Chibi
Pairing: USUK
Rating/Warnings: More diabetes None.
Notes: And also, Happy birthday lucia2309! Unless LJ was lying. I hope you've had a great day too!
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"Oi! I push this milk here for you. Not for your sake, of course. It's not like I care if you can't dunk your dessert."Collapse )
24 September 2014 @ 12:43 am
Genre: Chibi
Pairing: USUK
Rating/Warnings: Diabetes None.
Notes: Happy birthday erikairi!! I hope you don't mind my attempt at drawing chibis ;u;
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14 September 2014 @ 02:17 am
The poll answers were overwhelmingly in favor of doing the calendar, so it's time for the 2015 USxUK calendar audition post! This is the fifth year we're doing calendars, and like last year it's going to be a free digital release.

The calendar will be made up of twelve full sized wallpapers (different screen resolutions will be released). IF we have enough in the way of artists, we'll also do the 'pocket sized' mobile calendar like we did last year. If you want a physical calendar, you are of course welcome to print out either of them!

The schedule for this year's calendar project is as follows:

9/14-9/28- Auditions Open
9/29-10/5- Voting is open
10/6- Artist assignments are sent out.
10/6-12/15- A bit more than two months time allotted for artists to complete their pieces.
Mid to late December- Calendar is released for download!

Here is the audition post. Please read it carefully! If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Why auditions?

If I were just running this calendar myself, yes I could easily go and pick twelve of my favorite USxUK artists and ask them if they'd like to participate. But I'm not. This is a community project, and as such we feel it is fairest for the featured artists to be chosen by the members of the community. You all will be in charge of voting on and selecting the featured artists, because it is a calendar for all of you. I hope the audition process won't discourage anyone from participating. Voting will be via screened comments, so you won't know how many votes you received unless you ask me. *^^*

This is what you'll need to provide:

-Name. Self explanatory.

-Email Address. The comments are screened, so you don't need to space it or anything. Just write it as is. It makes it easier for me to send emails.

-Do you have a website/tumblr/deviantart/art journal? You may link this here if you wish, but it is not required.

-Please provide three samples of art. At least one sample must be Hetalia art (preferably OF America and England, although that is not necessary), and at least one sample must be a full color piece. Please choose art that you feel shows your skill! The art you complete to be featured in the calendar must be G-PG (kissing, cuddling, shirtlessness, etc are fine. But nothing risque), but you can use higher rated art for your samples. R-18 is fine for the audition. I would prefer you not use a piece you used in your audition last year, if you auditioned, but if it's absolutely necessary because you don't have three new pieces, that's fine. Also, pieces do not have to be drawn in 2014. They can be older if you wish. If you were in the calendar last year, do not use the piece you drew for it.

1) Art must be 600kb or under. This will help the voting post from overloading people's bandwidth.
2) Art must be no larger than 800x800 pixels, again for the above reason.
3) ART MUST NOT FEATURE YOUR WATERMARK OR SIGNATURE. This is to preserve anonymity. If someone is concerned about thievery they may do one of the following-

-Give me a lower res image to post.
-Put a watermark on the art that in no way reveals your identity (i.e. NOT the watermark you normally use on your art).

-Months you would be most interested in? Please list the THREE months you'd be most interested in drawing for, in order of preference. The piece you draw if accepted must be themed for whichever month you are assigned. It can be a holiday (i.e. a Halloween image for October), something associated with the month (i.e. April showers), or just something that fits the season (i.e. curling up because it's cold outside). You could even use a historical event as your backdrop. It's up to you! You're welcome to get creative as well. And no you don't need to tell me here what you have in mind right now. Just list the months. I will try my hardest to get everyone one of their preferred months, but I cannot promise it. If you were involved in the calendar last year, please do not list the month you ended up drawing for. We don't want the same person to be in charge of the same month two years in a row.

You will have two months to complete your art. I will send out your assignments by October 6th if you have been accepted, and you must get them in by December 15th. If you are accepted, you will also be invited to a community I've set up for the project. I've made this so I don't have to clog this community with announcements for the artists. All information- such as necessary dimensions for the piece and other specifics, will be posted there. ^^

AT LEAST TWELVE ARTISTS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Twelve artists will be providing large-sized images (twelve wallpaper months), and twelve artists will be in charge of smaller images, which will be featured in a 'pocket sized' calendar that you can download and print out or use as the background on your phones/tablets if we have enough artists audition.

AUDITIONS MUST BE IN BY SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 28TH AT 11:59 CST. This gives you two weeks, so if you wish to do something new for the audition, you do have some time. The voting post will go up on the 29th of September.

Lastly, feel free to link this to artists you think might be interested. There's always a chance they won't see this post, after all!


Ready? Now fill out the form!


Hope to see a ton of great artists!

PS- Feel free to pimp out the audition post on tumblr!
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11 September 2014 @ 03:55 pm
Selling some USUK and UKUS doujinshis + nekotalia doujinshis!
Check them out here!
09 September 2014 @ 04:00 am
Hello everyone! Long time no see. :)

This is a post I'm making to gauge interest for a digital release calendar like we did last year. As usual, we will be doing this via poll.

We had a ton of great art, and we were able to produce both mobile and wallpaper releases last year, but nonetheless, I wanted to make sure the interest was there for a 2015 release before setting it up.

This calendar would be done as 'wallpapers' for each month of the year, and of course you'd be more than welcome to print out said wallpapers and make a physical calendar out of them as well. The calendar would be free of charge, and anyone would be able to download it. If we have enough artists we'll also do a mobile calendar like we did last year.

For specifics of last year's calendar, check out THIS POST.


You are welcome to vote in it whether you have an lj or not. Votes are anonymous. Voting will close on Saturday the 13th.


PS- Pimp this out on tumblr!
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04 September 2014 @ 12:51 am
As always, the following rules apply to everyone:
1. Be mindful of the ratings! Some of these doujinshi are restricted by age, so make sure you are of age before ordering.
2. Shipping costs are not included in these prices. I ship via First Class Mail/Priority Mail; usually I can give a discount on shipping for larger orders.
3. International Orders are welcome, but please remember to check your country's regulations on VAT tax, prohibited items and the like.
4. International Postage has increased significantly in the last year or so, so please keep in mind that your total may be high, even with cheaper methods. I will quote First Class Envelope Mail (2-3 weeks, no tracking).
5. Holds are possible for 3 days.
6. Paypal fees are INCLUDED!
7. I will ship 1-2 days after payment.
8. PM me if you wish to negotiate prices or purchase items!

*Items with an asterisk have a bent right edge from shipping, please take this into consideration! All doujinshi from my collection are kept in separate file protectors.*

To the Items!

28 August 2014 @ 11:41 pm
'm having my last major clearout of all of my stuff, as I'm leaving the anime trading fandom! I have an USUK artbook (anthem, the artbook by Haku), doujins, vol. 1-3 of the mangas (tons of mangas actually)! Come check out the sale, more will be posted soon!!!
11 August 2014 @ 09:27 pm
Title: The Metal That Took Over the World
Summary: It was an era when aluminum was more valuable than silver.... No, seriously.
A/N: This is the reason why Americans say aluminum differently, according to this awesome book. The statue at Piccadilly Circus is also aluminum, FYI.

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11 August 2014 @ 09:20 pm
Title: That Explains the Skeletons
Summary: England gets vexed by America's ignorance
A/N: Probably came from me watching too much Walking Dead lately.

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