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[Sweethearts Week- Full Archive]

Here's the full archive of all seven days of Sweethearts Week. Please enjoy all the fanworks, if you haven't already! :)

February 8th: Save the Date
Fic or art featured a date as a theme. This could be an actual romantic date, an anniversary of any kind (be it a historical event, a romantic anniversary, etc), a wedding, birthday, etc.

February 9th: Fish and Chips
Fic or art featured British culture, history, locale, etc. as a theme. Anything was fine, whether it was sightseeing around the British Isles, exploring cultural nuances or a piece heavy on British history.

February 10th: Young Love
Fic or art featuring young America or England. Obviously, pieces with little America and England are a natural choice here, but if you can think of something with young!England that features America (whether it be magical, age regression, time travel, AU, whatever), or with both of them young, that's just as welcome!

February 11th: Out of this World
Fic or art was to be alternate universe, alternate reality, or crossover. Gakuen, despite being a canon AU, did qualify for this theme. Alternate reality refers to exploring a deviation from canon. In Hetalia, this may also be called alternate history. Crossovers are pretty self-explanatory; it just needs to feature characters or settings from another canon.

February 12th: Burger and Fries
Fic and art featured elements of American culture, history, locale, etc. as a theme. Anything was fine, whether it was sightseeing around the United States, exploring cultural nuances, or a piece heavy on American history.

February 13th: To Be Continued
Fic or art that continues on from where canon left off. This can be a continuation of a strip, drama track, anime episode, etc. You can even do something inspired by an official image. This is the 'what you didn't see' prompt. To note, the piece does not have to pick up directly where the scene left off, but what it does need to do is serve as a continuation of some sort. Let us know what you think happened after canon ends!

February 14th: Valentine's Day
Fic or art just needed to be about Valentine's Day. It did not need to take place on the holiday, but Valentine's Day should at least be an element of the story.
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