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USxUK Secret Santa Archive Post. Updated: 01/09- ALL Gifts Posted

This is serves as the archive post for all usxuk Secret Santa fills.

I'm doing this because it's easy to miss your gift being posted. There are a lot of posts, and it's a busy time of year when many of you may not often be online. Plus, some participants do not have this community friended. If you don't have time to look through the index, you can f3 and search for your username to see if your gift has been posted. Please make sure to let your Santa know that their gift is appreciated!

We also thought it would be fun to have a continually updated index to make it easier for all members to peruse the gifts. We welcome and encourage commenting to as many gifts as you can!

This post will be linked in both the sidebar and the userinfo for easy access.


Author: abarero
Recipient: sakuratsukikage
Title: Alfred Jones and the Curse of the Pharaoh
(Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Epilogue)
Amidst meetings and their other duties as nations, they had searched for it; the final resting place of the legendary Golden Heart of Osiris. Having figured out the possible location, America and England venture into the tomb of the Pharaoh's sons to try and unearth the artifact. But the question is, can they make it out safely without incurring the Pharaoh's wrath?

Author: kotakia
Recipient: alliterations
Title: You Say That Now...
Alfred takes Arthur to a New England Patriot's football game and shows him just what to love about the sport.

Author: haro
Recipient: dawn_crescendo
Title: Hero Frequency
(Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five)
America’s sure that his band has all it needs to be the winners of his high school’s Battle of the Bands competition. Well, almost everything. That is, if only he could convince England to loosen up a bit from his student council position and play guitar for them; then perhaps not only would their band be back on track, but so would be his relationship with England. [Gakuen AU]

Author: darth_animus
Recipient: left_tool
Title: Exquisite Taste
Alfred's kisses taste like coffee and Arthur's like tea. Alfred wonders if the taste of tea can be found anywhere else besides the lips.

Author: liete
Recipient: blood_winged
Title: There's Something About Texas
The prompt was Alfred with a glasses kink (involving Arthur wearing Alfred's glasses, or his own), so I rolled with it. And then I lost control of it.

Author: sillyputtie
Recipient: theos99
Title: The Stages of Marriage (Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five)
Alfred and Arthur decide to get married, and go through the trials of each stage of marriage together.

Author: slashy_lady
Recipient: finite_farfalla
Title: One Afternoon when America Discovered the Awesomeness of Tea
That afternoon, America rectified his thought on tea. Tea, he decided, could be awesome if it came with... several things.

Author: laur10s
Recipient: fluffycola
Title: All I Want for Christmas
Arthur is invited to one of Alfred's crazy Christmas parties and believes he won't have fun. That is, until he gets a little surprise!

Author: smrtypantz
Recipient: parttime_job
Title: The Secret (Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five)
Arthur's parents, the king and queen of the kingdom of England, attempt to marry off his sister to a man named Alfred from the kingdom of America, but she is killed before he even meets her. Arthur's parents do not want to shame themselves by putting an end to the engagement and force Arthur to dress up like his sister and marry Alfred instead. But can this secret be kept for long?

Author: amethyst_amore
Recipient: dreamslikeglass
Title: Miracle on Pennsylvania Avenue (Part One, Part Two, Part Three)
England gets stuck as Britannia Angel for awhile and America tries to hide the Brit from everyone, especially the bosses, to avoid potential magical disaster. Britannia Angel makes this difficult because he wants to spread the joy of miracles to everyone~!

Author: katokatsu
Recipient: sanna_lan
Title: Can We Keep Him? (Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four)
AU; Alfred and Arthur are in an established relationship, and have been living together for a long time now. One day, Alfred brings home an abandoned puppy he rescued from an alley. Now, Alfred and (mostly) Arthur must learn how to live with the newest member of their family while maintaining their sanity.

Author: your_loveyou
Recipient: blulious
Title: Blackout
What can you do when the power goes out during a date?

Author: tanya_tsuki
Recipient: sillyputtie
Title: Come On, It's Lovely Weather
America and England go for a walk in a winter wonderland.

Author: bluemyst19
Recipient: grosse_averse
Title: Your Love is Mine (For the Taking)
Uhhhh... the prompt was "England being creepily imperial for once" and I guess it KINDA goes with the other one which was basically how do England and America treat each other after the Revolution. Well... this is kinda... during it, I guess.

Author: takewing
Recipient: kay_cricketed
Title: Rites and Rituals
England creates a bunch of magic spells, powerful trinkets, or such to protect America; he's never been able to stop, despite himself. America finds out and reacts.

Author: miaoujones
Recipient: berseker
Title: Smile at Anything
Arthur’s choice of films for movie night with Alfred brings to light some problems both sides are having with the so-called special relationship.

Author: finite_farfalla
Recipient: ithronluin
Title: Sorry is the Magic Word
Of course America knew it was all down to a huge conspiracy between the countries.

Author: slashy_lady
Recipient: bokchil
Title: Cinderella on Midnight
That year, England spent his Christmas Eve tidying up his house and washing dishes, no thanks to his friends. And America, who uttered some comments about glass slippers and evil 'mwahaha' laugh simply did not help the situation at all.

Author: akisilver
Recipient: strawberryl
Title: Twas the Night Before…
England interacting with Santa and his elves and other mythical Christmas characters in an effort to save Christmas. Perhaps America is in on the Christmas magic? The two of them flying Santa's sled would be plus.

Author: gosangoku
Recipient: geministar01
Title: An' A Bottle O' Rum
When young America and Canada at kidnapped by pirates, it's up to England to save them.

Author: saramon
Recipient: chokolattejedi
Title: The Perils of Unexpected Visitors (Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven)
America moves back in with England.

Author: lokichan2004
Recipient: tanya_tsuki
Title: The Cyclone
America is secretly afraid of roller coasters.

Author: kay_cricketed
Recipient: faeriesnook
Title: Five Days of Flour
England baking cookies as a birthday gift for America. But failing in the process. America eats them anyways.

Author: xtwilightzx
Recipient: snappy8000
Title: All Shall Be Well (Part One, Part Two)
Arthur didn’t think they could have something like this if Alfred had remained his after the Revolution, or if they hadn’t fought together during the second World War. And he wouldn’t trade Alfred for anyone else, not even the ones in his memories.

Author: anya_urameshi
Recipient: darth_animus
Title: It's A Not-So-Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood
Mornings in the Kirkland-Jones-Williams home were never boring. AU with human names used.

Author: kasumicc
Recipient: infiniteowl
Title: Love me for Who I Am (Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five)
Thanks to one of England's spells, America becomes the kind of person England always said he wanted him to be. Eventually, however, England realizes that he prefers the old America to this one and searches for a way to turn him back.

Author: phoenixdown7
Recipient: lokichan2004
Title: You Are an Idiot After All
The Copenhagen Climate talks are not going well and Arthur has given up. Needless to say, only a true hero can save the world. Arthur is only shocked to learn that hero is actually Alfred.

Author: dreamslikeglass
Recipient: insanityin3d
Title: Murmur Me To Madness
No one honestly worries about England's sanity when he speaks with his fairies. So why should they worry when he speaks to America when America is not there?

Author: dreamslikeglass
Recipient: insanityin3d
Title: The Final Frontier
England had been curious about something for awhile, and now he has the perfect opportunity to test it, thanks to a certain cranky alien. Luckily, America is there to be the guinea pig. [R-18]

Author: santeelegs
Recipient: bluemyst19
Title: Come To Me
Possessive, semi-yandere!Arthur watches Alfred.

Author: wefasappleblood
Recipient: slashy_lady
Title: Because Thorns Have Roses (Part One, Part Two, Part Three)
The first rose came a few weeks after New Year’s Day. A thousand days later, the final rose arrived.

Author: berseker
Recipient: ottful
Title: Something Good
America discovers a secret weapon, which will inevitably make England melt--singing romantic songs to him. He uses it to his full advantage.

Author: deixis_dyad
Recipient: whenyoufalldown
Title: Photographic Evidence
England loses a bet and has to go to the World Summit in his pirate getup, complete with mannerisms. America finds this development unexpectedly attractive.

Author: sakuratsukikage
Recipient: haro
Title: If Life's a Dance, Sometimes You Miss a Step
America and England still fight sometimes, even after they're together. But they've learned how to make up. The prompt was England really upsetting America, for a change.

Author: geministar01
Recipient: paperapple
Title: Public Intoxication
It’s Christmas Eve, and Officer Jones is supposed to be off-duty; however, he gets a call he can’t refuse and winds up having a much-needed talk with an old friend.

Author: scarletchou
Recipient: draincherry2021
Title: Loving every breath of you
Arthur's fairy friends messing with Alfred.(Pulling pranks or touching him). Arthur tries to stop them, which leads to Alfred thinking it was Arthur doing everything.

Author: sanna_lan
Recipient: dedkake
Title: A Small Misunderstanding
America's trying to change for the better and, hot as that might be, there are a couple of things England doesn't quite agree with.

Author: parttime_job
Recipient: kasumicc
Title: On how Saving the World and Its Inhabitants, according to one Arthur Kirkland, isn't really the Wisest Thing to Do but it's not like They have a Choice
(Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six)
Arthur Kirkland is your average private eye. That was, of course, before he was appointed to complete The Mission.

Author: shantari
Recipient: tony_phone_home
Title: Tony's mission
Tony is summoned by his Supreme Matriarch who has taken an interest in *cough* certain human behaviour.

Author: coconabanana
Recipient: kotakia
Title: Much Ado About Body Language
The thing about spoken language, in Alfred's perspective, was that it was so overrated. [NC-17]

Author: pantstacular
Recipient: merlin_star
Title: Snow Day
A nice Christmas Eve day/night, just between America and England. Well, aside from a snowball fight, that is.

Author: rewritten
Recipient: twistedsheets10
Title: Even Heroes Can't Save The World In A Day
America as begun to feel the weight and pressure put on him and his country lately with everything that seems to be amidst in the world. It's time for England to step in to try and console him.

Author: ithronluin
Recipient: torquent
Title: I've Always Been Dreaming
Dreams are true while they last, and do we not live in dreams?

Author: anya_urameshi
Recipient: katokatsu
Title: Vacation in Alps
America drags England off on a vacation in Switzerland.

Author: 30xfoxglovex05
Recipient: nonnally
Title: Fireworks on Christmas Eve (Part One, Part Two)
A Christmas party at America's house leads to many a misunderstanding.

Author: lumossolarum
Recipient: pbjsammich
Title: Keep Calm and Carry On
Extra funding has been rather hard to secure for Arthur Kirkland's protectorate's extra curricular activities. Drastic measures have to be taken and with club budgets cut and fee's rising, a little civil unrest and a poster war turns a seemingly simple matter into something that could spark a revolt. (+artwork)

Author: kitarin
Recipient: giro_66
Title: Maybe This Christmas
England wants to give America something as a Christmas present but he can't decide on what to give him. France calls him up and asks if he wants to look for a presents together. England, who has no better idea, decides to go with France. Unfortunately, America sees those two together and gets the wrong idea.

Author: puella_nerdii
Recipient: mcmitters
Title: (In)Complete Works
England gives America a crash course in the works of his most enduring author. Cannibalism, sex jokes, lampshading, and uncomfortable parallels ensue.

Author: subakai
Recipient: lady_bird_girl
Title: All I Care About
The first time America sees Britannia Angel is on Christmas Eve.

Author: dedkake
Recipient: yoyosama
Title: Adrift
Alfred drives his car into a snow drift and he and Arthur must wait for Matthew to come dig them out.

Author: sephydark
Recipient: takewing
Title: It's Only Television
England just wants some private time to watch his favorite show. But when he doesn't return America's calls, America panics.

Author: loyalists
Recipient: pilipa
Title: Candy Floss
It only takes a visit to the state fair for England to realise that America is fast, furious, dangerous, and beautiful--and that he's everything he's ever wanted.

Author: ottful
Recipient: abarero
Title: Naughty and/or Nice (Part One, Part Two)
The idea of staying at Finland's for Christmas seems wonderful... at first.

Author: bokchil
Recipient: ahmerst
Title: Cold Rain
America and England, fencing fight in the rain using umbrellas.

Author: midori_lover
Recipient: deixis_dyad
Title: England's (not-so-secret) Quest For the Perfect Gift
In which England looks for the perfect gift, other nations give unsolicited advice and America chooses what he really wants for Christmas.

Author: chappuholic
Recipient: liete
Title: Promised to follow you forever
For the song prompt: Time is by my Side by Rolling Stones

Author: blood_winged
Recipient: loyalists
Title: Mutiny, Jones?
Arthur catches Alfred in his old pirate outfit. Seducing ensues.

Author: vampire_scooby
Recipient: theepicsnocone
Title: Why Searching for Sasquatch is Sometimes a Good Idea
America drags England to try to find Sasquatch. All England knows is that he is extreamly tired of Hamburgers and he DOESN'T want to share a tent with America. And Sasquatch? He's just happy that his friends will know that Humans DO exist!

Author: ahmerst
Recipient: binni
Title: Terrarium
England inadvertently plants one of the seeds that will cause America to fight for his independence.

Author: grosse_averse
Recipient: santeelegs
Title: Playing With the Captain
England lets out the pirate within himself one night with America.

Author: monakauta
Recipient: wefasappleblood
Title: Which is which? (Part One, Part Two)
It's the Annual Christmas party of the nations and it will be held at France. As a perfect host, France devised a game that will change everybody's life.

Author: insanityin3d
Recipient: monakauta
Title: Promise on the Mistletoe
After America's failed wedding proposal to England, Canada and France take the opportunity to play yuletide cupids.

Author: catgirlprime
Recipient: rukari
Title: Biology Notes
In which US is failing biology and wondering if UK could give birth. (Gakuen Hetalia)

Author: sakuratsukikage
Recipient: haro
Title: It's Christmas-Time in the City (Part One, Part Two)
A Christmasy date between the two.

Author: mega_otaku
Recipient: and_zero
Title: Useless Victory
In 1812 England burned America's capital-- Because America tried to invade Canada.

Author: binni
Recipient: zed_azrael
Title: Advantages of Snooping (Part One, Part Two)
Sealand, hoping to seek revenge on England, goes to America and spills "interesting" secrets on England, which America can use to his advantage. Then does so. In a manner of speaking.

Author: full_moon951
Recipient: vehira
Title: What we had once
Momma England and baby America and the War of 1812 .

Author: tony_phone_home
Recipient: cxco
Title: Spring in the Dark Forest
A magician who lives in the middle of the enchanted forest finds a child.

Author: westlakebeauty
Recipient: staticlights
Title: Mother's Kiss Goodnight
There are the times when everything is gold and you can't help but feel invincible. and then there are the times when anticipation gives way to knowing, and the entire world will change tomorrow. "Stay with me? At least for now."

Author: snappy8000
Recipient: angel_shin
Title: Snow Leaves Dewdrops on the Leaves of Grass
Geneva 1985. A short fic in which America looks for distractions during a summit and Russia proves to be a good distraction. Also, a jealous Arthur in denial

Author: whenyoufalldown
Recipient: scarletchou
Title: What’s in the Box?
Christmas AU with Bodyguard!Alfred and CEO!Arthur: Just what exactly are they doing alone, locked together in the office on Christmas eve?

Author: kay_cricketed
Recipient: bridgetsmidge18
Title: Where Goes the Anchor
In which England's dreams are strange, and wild, and fantastic. And America is his, only his.

Author: tropicalna
Recipient: nightblink
Title: Schism
During the Revolution, America has split personalities: Rebel and Loyalist. Cue waking up in England’s bed as Rebel!America and having no idea how he got there. Arthur tries to convince this side of Alfred that he still loves him.

Author: baby_bat_pro
Recipient: lumossolarum
Title: Not So Shallow
Arthur has a run in with some bullies at school and is saved by the 'Hero', but is there more to the popular blond than meets the eye?

Author: faeriesnook
Recipient: smrtypantz
Title: Christmas Date
Alfred wants to take Arthur out on a special date, so he decides to show him the beauty of NYC, perhaps during the winter holiday season

Author: pilipa
Recipient: your_loveyou
Title: Don't Be Ridiculous
England isn't jealous about how "awesome" America thinks his boss is. That would be ridiculous. Right?

Author: theos99
Recipient: chappuholic
Title: Untitled
Due to a blizzard, Arthur winds up staying at Alfred's house. Alfred gives him a spare pajamas, and Arthur winds up looking adorable with oversized clothes, and Alfred marvels how "cute" he is. And Arthur winds up being a klutz because the clothes are too damn big, and Alfred decides to be "Prince Charming".

Author: strawberryl
Recipient: kanami_yuuta
Title: Baby, It's Cold Outside
Gakuen Hetalia with lovey-dovey US/UK

Author: zed_azrael
Recipient: shantari
Title: World Summit .09 (and How it Went Over the Limit) Part One/?
As per Nation custom and bad habit, Finland and England go drinking after the World Summit 2009. England, because he is oblivious to his own alcoholic intolerancae, and Finland, because he possesses incomparable alcoholic tolerance and because he worries for what England might do if left to his own devices. America catches wind of this rendezvous, and knowing that England will surely wreck havoc, drags Sweden along in a mission to save the world. And England's liver.

Author: abarero
Recipient: rewritten
Title: Good with Kids
England thinks that his visit to America's house will be ruined now that Sealand has invited himself along. Luckily for him, America knows exactly how to handle the young micro-nation. But with America so busy with Sealand, will England ever get the alone time he wants with his boyfriend?

Author: insanityin3d
Recipient: phoenixdown7
Title: Scare Away the Ghosts
America needs to get that ghost out of his room and knows the only way possible is to get Arthur in bed. [NC-17]

Author: berseker
Recipient: midori_lover
Title: The Battle of Bedford Falls
Alfred and Arthur watch a movie together.

Author: alliterations
Recipient: miss_duchess
Title: Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
Alfred and Arthur are stuck in a snowstorm on Christmas Eve. To make matters worse, they’re in the middle of a fight. If only Alfred could remember what they were fighting about.

Author: parttime_job
Recipient: mega_otaku
Title: Perhaps It isn't such a Bad Idea After All
Wherein England almost gets a piece of America, only to find out that his magical powers are the ultimate cockblock. Or so the fairies say.

Author: dreamslikeglass
Recipient: otsu89
Title: Forgetting
Apparently, this year America was bad at remembering gifts. Thank God the New Year rolled around.

Author: tropicalna
Recipient: star_jinin
Title: The Empire’s Snare
Celebration of the end of the French-Indian war; Now no one but Arthur can lay claim to America. [NC-17]

Author: mauyneign
Recipient: anya_urameshi
Title: How to Court an Idiot (or not)
Somehow, loving and chasing after America is a lot more difficult than it should be.

Author: whenyoufalldown
Recipient: xtwilightzx
Title: And then there was just us
England and America must put aside their differences, work together and perhaps, sort out a few things in the process.

Author: arakni666
Recipient: gosangoku
Title: The Perfect Gift
France gift-wraps England for America's Xmas present. [NC-17]

Author: miss_duchess
Recipient: akisilver
Title: Can I Tell You A Secret?
America and England are fighting and it takes a couple beatings, a few near-death experiences, and a lot of annoyances to make them realize that they actually do love eachother. Very much...


Artist: igumi
Recipient: hakuku
Snowball Fight

Artist: star_jinin
Recipient: kimchiandtofu
Waiter UK, Tsundere UK

Artist: conquistadora
Recipient: vampire_scooby
A simple date, England in America's jacket

Artist: lady_bird_girl
Recipient: 30xfoxglovex05
Revolutionary War, Birthday present

Artist: left_tool
Recipient: xjaden_yuki
Fifty-first state wedding

Artist: rukari
Recipient: mikomiyoko
Instead of a meeting...

Artist: otsu89
Recipient: zaphkiel_noise
Santa England [R-18]

Artist: shourii
Recipient: kisu_fu
Urban Clothing

Artist: voguebishoujo
Recipient: johns_elizabeth
Summer, Popsicles, Revealing Chests

Artist: kisu_fu
Recipient: tan0sh11_chan
First Kiss, Romantic Comedy

Artist: hakuku
Recipient: colevic
England fighting alongside America in WWII

Artist: zaphkiel_noise
Recipient: tropicalna
Reindeer Outfit

Artist: colevic
Recipient: michikixthien
First Snow

Artist: shotas
Recipient: mooonie_pie
Domestic Life

Artist: arakni666
Recipient: revoiment_hika
Something Historical, Different Christmas Traditions

Artist: hitori_kanane
Recipient: fishwinds
Our Lovable Duo go Fishing!

Artist: alyssathai
Recipient: shourii
Santa Coloring Page

Artist: marriot_chan
Recipient: voguebishoujo

Artist: the_evil_pastry
Recipient: catgirlprime
Walk Through the Snow

Artist: xdiamondwings
Recipient: the_evil_pastry
Ninja vs. Pirate

Artist: chokolattejedi
Recipient: sephydark
Fairy Friends & The Final Frontier

Artist: revoiment_hika
Recipient: kitarin
Snowy Night

Artist: michikixthien
Recipient: igumi
Shopping Adventures

Artist: johns_elizabeth
Recipient: marriot_chan
Gakuen Hetalia: a Gift on the Roof

Artist: xjaden_yuki
Recipient: winged_photos
Under the mistletoe

Artist: tsumetaitsubasa
Recipient: shotas
Revolutionary War- Roses

Artist: pbjsammich
Recipient: gambols
Highschool AU

Artist: gambols
Recipient: tichki
USUK Christmas fluff'

Artist: draincherry2021
Recipient: arakni666
A walk in the snow

Artist: lumossolarum
Recipient: pbjsammich
Gakuen!Rev Angst (+fic)

Artist: darklordavy
Recipient: cochroachkappa
Something sexy and fluffy with a steampunk undercurrent

Artist: fluffycola
Recipient: subakai
UK and US sledding.

Artist: nightblink
Recipient: oresame
Roses, roses, and more roses.

Artist: asakurabratty
Recipient: hitori_kanane
Baby America sleeping on England,

Artist: tichki
Recipient: xconquistadora
At the fair, having fun

Artist: miss_duchess
Recipient: coconabanana
Art inspired by Mad World by Adam Lambert

Artist: mcmitters
Recipient: bookesque
Nobody Can Resist A Rockstar

Artist: fishwinds
Recipient: xdiamondwings
Young!US tries to find a present for UK

Artist: soubi_tatsumi
Recipient: tsumetaitsubasa
Santa's gift

Artist: lauthing_cat
Recipient: baby_bat_pro
Mochi Love, UK/US

Artist: lady_bird_girl
Recipient: alyssathai
Cowboy Alfred and Pirate Arthur


Artist: kanami_yuuta
Recipient: yuichan
Sharing a Small Bed

Artist: miss_flausch
Recipient: darklordavy
Special kind of seduction: Part One, Part Two, Part Three

Artist: michikixthien
Recipient: igumi
Shopping Adventures

Artist: jean_wired
Recipient: asakurabratty
Christmas Eve

Artist: blulious
Recipient: technoranma
Couching and Laid Work: Part One, Part Two, Part Three

Artist: nutburger
Recipient: pantstacular
Decorating a Christmas tree together: Part One, Part Two, Part Three

Artist: twistedsheets10 and oinkwarrior
Recipient: miaoujones
As Rabbits Do: Part One, Part Two

Artist: giro_66
Recipient: soubi_tatsumi
America's quest getting England's present: Part One, Part Two

Artist: yoyosama
Recipient: jasper_child

Artist: yuichan
Recipient: laur10s
mistletoe invasion: Part One, Part Two

Artist: bridgetsmidge18
Recipient: jean_wired
Under the Holly

Artist: staticlights
Recipient: saramon
9/11 and the resulting conflict

Artist: technoranma
Recipient: westlakebeauty
Pre-Revolutionary War!America => England.: Part One, Part Two, Part Three

Artist: mikomiyoko
Recipient: amethyst_amore
Skating With You

Artist: michikixthien
Recipient: nutburger
England and Baby!America spending quality time

Artist: katokatsu
Recipient: miss_flausch
Gakuen Hetalia New Year's Eve


Artist: cxco
Recipient: full_moon951
Moulin Rouge

Artist: oresame
Recipient: rissa_ichigo

Please let me know if anything is incorrect. Enjoy!

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  • Sweethearts Week Day #1- Valentine's Day

    As it is already February 14th in most of the world, it's time to kick off the Special Relationship Sweethearts Week! Please refer to the original…

  • 2015 Special Relationship Sweethearts Week!

    Hello everyone! Here’s the official announcement and info post for the 2015 USUK SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP SWEETHEARTS WEEK. For the fifth year, but for…


    Hello everyone! Thank you so much for your patience. Our 2015 digital calendar is here! All files are zips that include an image for each…