chirigirl13 (chirigirl13) wrote in usxuk,


Hi! Good news is that I managed to get an extra few weeks, so I don't have to move until the middle of December. Bad news is that I still have a ton of stuff to sell, and if it's not sold within the next 3 weeks then I need to throw it all away.... ;_; So I figured I'd try making one more post in hopes that anyone who didn't already check out my sales post can take a look and hopefully help me clear out some of this stuff! (And for people who did take a look, I added some new stuff to try and thin out my collection a bit more, so check it out and maybe you'll find something else that catches your eye!)

I have a bunch of different Hetalia merchandise both official and fanmade, as well as some other stuff from other series, and I have over 90 Hetalia doujinshi, about 30 of which are USUK/UKUS (plus another 70 or so doujinshi from miscellaneous series) so please check out my sales post on my LJ to see everything that I have for sale! Thank you!

Tags: doujinshi, selling
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