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[Pre-order] USxUK Anthology : Time After Time

Hello to everyone in the community! It's been quite a long time awhile since I've posted anything up here, but I would like to present the latest work from some of us USUK fans in my anime club: Time After Time

Axis Powers Hetalia - US x UK anthology: Time after Time
(click here for more information on the anthology & for pre-ordering)

This anthology features five sections, each including a standalone story revolving around America and England accompanied by coloured illustrations that capture the more iconic scenes depicted. Although disparate, the works are strung together by the appearance of a specific item present in the story before it, a reminder that no matter how different a life they are leading then, the love they share pervades even the fabric of time.

Size: B5 | 78 pages | 5 fics + accompanying coloured artwork pages

pre-order set | limited to 30 sets
- anthology book
- badges (set of 2)
- A3 poster (1)
- postcards (set of 3)

event day set | up for sale at MinnaCon (22 June 2013 @ National University of Singapore (NUS)
- anthology book
- choice of either A3 poster OR set of 3 postcards

Again, please head over to this tumblr post for the pre-ordering form, fic summaries, author links, and even more information on the anthology ! :)

This anthology will be sold only within Singapore for now, although anyone interested in ordering internationally is more than welcome to let us know of their interest :) Collection and payment will be made during MinnaCon, an anime convention organised by my club, NUS Comics and Animation Society, as well ^^

Please leave any questions you might have on this post or direct them to this email address: nusanitan@live.com

Thank you for your support ! <3

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