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Perfect Place to Start [1/2]

Title: Perfect Place to Start
Genre: Romance
Pairing(s): USxUK
Rating/Warnings: T, swearing, fluff, and lots of kisses
Summary: After a rather eventful conversation over AOL Instant Messenger of all things, Arthur makes a snap decision to fly over to America as soon as possible, and Alfred is waiting for him.

Written for amael_elen because I love herrrr~

Arthur dug his nails into his knees, leaning out of his seat as the plane slowly came to a stop. A cheerful voice announced that they were in New York, but he wasn’t listening. He felt sick, excitement making his legs weak, giddy and nervous as he fought the urge to jump off the plane right there and then. His heart had been pounding for the last ten hours, beating a tattoo on the inside of his ribcage and thudding in his ears.

ArthrKirkland: I love you.
Uh, wow. That's big.

AlfredFKINGjones: ...does this mean that I can...uh...
Your still there, aren't you?

AlfredFKINGjones: Arthur!
You can't just go running off after something like that! How do you expect me to talk to you about it if your not around!

He shoved past people just to get off, racing through baggage collection and straight for the exit. As he neared the door his step faltered, and he stopped, mindless of the people behind him who bumped into each other and swore as they avoided the Englishman. Doubt clouded Arthur’s mind. What if this was some cruel trick?

No... Alfred could be childish, but he wasn’t malicious.

ArthrKirkland: I'm booking a flight right now, Alfred.
SHI-- already?
I haven't even cleaned!

You think I'm just going to sit here after that?

AlfredFKINGjones: I know you like your sheets all pressed and whatever..
Well, no, but...

I don't sodding CARE.

Steeling himself, Arthur clenched his fists and made his way to the ‘Arrivals’ exit, green eyes searching the small groups of people waiting for their loved ones. His breath came shorter, anxiety twisting his gut and jolting through his body along with a flood of something that felt suspiciously like relief as he heard a familiar voice calling his name.

“Artie! Arthur!”

All he could see was a hand waving frantically over people’s heads and then, like the Red Sea, they parted and a flushed, blue-eyed young man was craning over the barrier, his face so bright it could have lit a room. With an undignified squeak, Arthur jumped and beamed a brilliant smile in response, moving as Alfred pointed to the gap in the barriers parting them. They didn’t take their eyes off each other, not for a moment as they dodged through the milling crowds, finding each other and meeting in a sudden, tight embrace.

Something snapped inside Arthur at that moment, warm and enclosed in Alfred’s arms and the scent of coffee and French fries. He let out one short, soft sob and then Alfred cupped his cheek and lifted his head up, brushing the pad of his thumb lightly over the shorter man’s lower lip.

ArthrKirkland: Sod this.
I'm going now. I'm going to see if I can get on a flight.

AlfredFKINGjones: :O
Don't drive like a maniac, please, hokay?

ArthrKirkland: I promise nothing.
I'd rather not have to come scrape up my would-be-lover because he was an impatient doufus

“Kiss me.”

Alfred was looking at him intently, his eyes a little wide and two spots of colour rising in his cheeks. Arthur’s heart skipped a beat, ten hours of tension coiled into a tight knot in his stomach. Slipping one hand around the back of Alfred’s neck he moved up onto his toes and finally, finally pressed a kiss to the younger nation’s lips. He heard a quiet mewl and knew it wasn’t from him, a slight tightening of the strong arms wrapped around him pulling him deeper. They kissed until they were breathless, parting flushed and softly panting, oblivious of everyone around them.

“You don’t know how long-” Arthur began.

“-I’ve been waiting to do that.” Alfred finished, ignoring the stares as he punched the air and let out a joyful shout, before gathering the smaller man close and kissing him again. The American was a very enthusiastic kisser, and a quick study, easily learning just the right way to kiss Arthur to make his skin tingle.

I can't believe I've wasted so much time.

Don't say that, Arthur. You'll be around for centuries still, WE'LL be around for centuries; and I'm not planning on wasting any of that time.

ArthrKirkland: You're right.

When they parted again the crowds around them had been replaced by new ones awkwardly avoiding the display of affection between the two men. Alfred’s glasses were askew, and Arthur’s tie was hanging half way down his chest. The smaller nation looked down, swallowed once, and then yelped as Alfred grabbed his hand and set off running, dragging the confused older man behind him.

“Alfred, what the bloody hell?”

“You told me,” the American said. “That I should imagine all the things I could do to you.” He glanced back to find that Arthur had turned a very fetching shade of red. “Well, I did imagine.” Pulling the man outside, he headed for one of the taxis lined up, and opened the door. “I imagined real hard, Arthur, and now I want to actually do them.” The young man laughed as Arthur’s blush darkened, and ducked into the taxi, yanking the other man inside and shouting his address to the driver. Arthur sat silently, fighting his blush, feeling Alfred’s gaze on him. He bit his lip, and risked a glance, finding himself fixed in place by soft blue eyes.

It gives me time to think.

About what?

AlfredFKINGjones: Me and my awesomeness, riiight?
Not exactly.

ArthrKirkland: More like what I'm going to do to you and your awesomeness when I finally get my hands on you.

Fucking stars and stripes, Arthur!!

The Englishman smiled, reached out and threaded his fingers through Alfred’s, rewarded with a lopsided grin. With his mind working overtime he tried desperately to keep from fidgeting, chewing his lip and watching the cars and houses whiz by. He was sure that he was going to wake up, slumped over his computer with an empty bottle of brandy beside him. If this was a dream, then it was a cruel one, and it wasn’t letting up even as they drew up outside Alfred’s house and got out of the taxi.

There, on the pavement, in the hazy glow of a street lamp, Alfred drew Arthur into his arms and kissed him deeply, one hand lightly pressed to the smaller man’s lower back, leaning forwards as slim fingers curled into the front of his bomber jacket. It felt good to be kissing Alfred – it felt right, and once again Arthur cursed himself for not admitting his feelings earlier. He had spent centuries wishing when he could have been doing this.

“Let’s go inside,” Alfred murmured against his lips. Shutting his eyes, Arthur nodded, and allowed himself to be led into the house, standing in the dark hallway while Alfred fumbled for the light switch, hesitantly slipping his jacket off and holding it to his chest. Oh, if Francis could see him now, the once great and powerful British Empire reduced to a nervous wreck by someone who was a child in comparison.

“Hey, Artie?”

“Hm?” Arthur blinked, almost dropping his jacket, meeting the younger man’s eyes.

“Are you alright? Do you, I dunno, need to go get some sleep or something?” The concerned look on his face brought a smile to Arthur’s lips and he shook his head vehemently.

“No, I slept on the plane,” he lied.

“Are you still drunk?”

“No!” Arthur blushed indignantly. “I wasn’t that drunk, Alfred.” One moment later and he was in Alfred’s arms and the taller nation was holding him tightly, murmuring quietly into his hair.

“I was fucking worried about you, Arthur, talking about guns and letter openers and all that stuff.” He stroked his fingers up and down Arthur’s spine, moving lightly over each small ridge of bone. It was very distracting, keeping the Englishman away from the otherwise complete mortification at being reminded of his earlier state of mind.

“I know, I’m sorry,” he murmured, shifting himself closer to Alfred’s warmth and resting his head against one shoulder. Alfred didn’t need to say more than that for Arthur to realise how much he’d frightened the younger nation.

AlfredFKINGjones: Not even if you say it once every minuet? Not even if you say it every second? Not even if you scream it for hours?
Not even if for the rest of forever you say it ever moment for ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever~

ArthrKirkland: I've been saying it every moment of my life since I met you.
...Hey, Arthur?

ArthrKirkland: Yeah?
AlfredFKINGjones: it possible to fall in love with someone all over again? Because I think I did.

ArthrKirkland: What? Why?
I mean, I know I was in love with you before...but I think I just fell in love with you again...

“I guess I’ll forgive you,” Alfred said, smiling faintly. Arthur looked up, and Alfred kissed him again, before taking his hand and giving his fingers a gentle squeeze. “What shall we do first?”

Arthur blushed, looking at their joined hands, until a light touch beneath his chin tipped his head up.

“Let’s start with this,” Alfred said confidently, before leaning down to capture the older man’s lips warmly. Unhurried, tender and sweet, Arthur felt tears spark beneath his closed eyelids at the love behind it. As Alfred took his hand and led him towards the stairs, Arthur decided that yes, that was indeed the perfect place to start.


I'm back! XP  Full AIM convo can be found here


Part Two

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