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[Podfic] This Is Why You Label Your TV Guide Clearly - Indict

This Is Why You Label Your TV Guide Clearly or Else Your Neighbors Are Going to Take Them and You'll Never Get it Back
Author:  indict
File Size:  23.68 MB
Length:  25:52 mins
Rating: PG
Warnings:  Absolutely none, but the boys are stupid.
Summary:  (Prompt) Lame, maybe slightly, unintentionally offensive, pickup lines and confession clichés from either of them to the other as a means of confessing love, whether first off or somewhere during a relationship.

Link to recording (MediaFire):
This Is Why You Label Your TV Guide Clearly

Accompanying music:
Sunshine - Matisyahu

Links to original text:
Here @ livejournal

What is a podfic?  A podfic is like an audiobook, so I did a voice recording of the fic.  Podfics are a great way to get your fanfic fix while out walking or doing something else, or if you just don't want to strain your eyes on a computer screen.  Also, a great option for work, because it looks exactly like music on your iPod!  (Not that I'm recommending reading fanfic at work).  All files are completely virus free.

What's with the music?  Each recording is bookended with a piece of music that I feel reflects well on the mood of the piece or is directly related to it.  In some cases authors have recommendations for music, and if it's available, I use that.

Want more?  Find my podfic master post here.

Not the one I was promising (I'm being a bit of a perfectionist about that), but I got permission for this one, so I'm posting!  Yay!

Please comment if you listen to it!  I'm always looking to improve!  :)

Also, if anyone has any suggestions, or you'd like me to do a fic of yours, I would most likely be happy to!


Tags: fanfiction, misc. fanworks, music

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