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While He Sleeps

Title: While He Sleeps
Genre: General
Pairing: USxUK
Rating/Warnings: G.
Summary: 500 word flashfic. Arthur thinks about what Alfred means to him.

Sometimes Arthur will watch Alfred while he sleeps.

He’ll do this, because without that arrogance and that smug expression, without the hero complex dictating his every word, Alfred is very cute. Not that Arthur doesn’t already think that Alfred is cute, because he does, but this is a special kind of cute that only appears when the glasses are removed and his hair is tousled, a soft, satisfied smile curving his lips even as he dreams.

Because Arthur rarely says no to Alfred. He isn’t sure where Alfred learned to turn on that charm, or even just what he sees in the young, brash nation, he simply knows that he does see it, and that he can’t resist it no matter how hard he tries. This is because even though Alfred is always loud, often obnoxious and occasionally annoying, Arthur knows how romantic he can be, and how he’ll sometimes surprise his lover with something entirely unexpected. It is these times that Arthur most looks forward to. These times, and the times when he is able to be alone with Alfred, since Alfred is an entirely different person when only Arthur’s eyes are on him. For Alfred has a kind, loving side that he keeps safe deep inside himself, only for Arthur, and Arthur knows just what to do to coax it out.

Alfred has nothing to prove to Arthur, as Arthur never fails to remind him every time those warm blue eyes darken with concern over some perceived wrong. He has already proven himself to Arthur a thousand times over, and Arthur doesn’t hesitate to tell him that he no longer blames him for anything, that he understands, and that even though it still hurts sometimes he knows why Alfred did it. He’ll say that, and Alfred will smile, and Arthur will kiss him, and all will be forgotten until the next time that Alfred begins to worry that he isn’t good enough for Arthur.

Arthur smiles as Alfred rolls onto his back and begins to snore quietly, thinking that he’s even cute when he snores, because it’s so very un-heroic. He runs his fingers over the back of Alfred’s hand and clasps it, and feels the faint responding pressure although the American is very clearly still asleep. There aren’t, Arthur thinks, words enough to describe how he feels about Alfred. Some would say they were an odd pair – in fact, many would – but Arthur needs the excitement that Alfred brings as much as Alfred craves the stability that Arthur offers. They both know this, but it remains a thing unspoken between them, a secret pact that each pretends to be unaware of.

Sometimes, Arthur wonders if one day Alfred will become tired of him and want to leave, and if that day comes, he knows that he won’t recover like he did the first time. He thinks this, and then he looks at Alfred’s sweet, sleeping face, and he knows that Alfred wouldn’t do that to him again.


Going away to see Miyavi in concert tomorrow (Tuesday) folks, so don't be concerned if you don't get comment replies (not that you would be 8D). I shall be back on Wednesday, possibly with more writing. In the meantime, I leave you with this :3
Tags: fanfiction
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