November 19th, 2011

  • haro

[Mod Post] Official Finding Post!

In the past several months we've had a lot of people post looking for something specific- whether it's a fanfiction, fanart, a doujinshi, a video, etc. I usually send these members over to aph_request, but from now on I'll be asking you you to post what you're looking for HERE! Of course you can still post at aph_request as well if you wish.

So basically? If there's a fanfic you're itching to reread, but you can't find the link (or can't even remember the title!), or if there is a doujinshi you missed downloading, or even if there's a moment in canon and you just don't recall what strip it's in, reply here! You can also ask for something if you're just wondering if it exists period (i.e. 'I'm wondering if there are any USxUK fics that involve the Spanish-American war. If anyone has any, could I have a link?'). Basically? Anything.

Please put something in the subject line denoting what you're looking for.

Here's an example:

Subject Line: Looking for an AU fanfic.
I can't remember the title or the author. I just know that in the story America was a moviestar, and England was a struggling indie actor. It was a sweet romance, and I remember it had Spain and South Italy as a side pairing. Does anyone know what fic this is/have a link? Thanks!

If you think you might be particularly adept at locating one or many of these things (aka you're very familiar with fanartists or fics, or you're quite familiar with doujinshi), please do put this post on track! Either way, you may want to check it every few days, because there just might be a question you can answer. This post will be linked in the userinfo.