February 12th, 2011

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Sweethearts Week! [Day 4]

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Today's batch is... umm. Well, I was aiming for variety? Also, thank you for the comments on the previous days! I'm busy trying to work on both this event and meeting my own editor's deadline, very sorry for the late replies in advance!

Description: The common theme would be more or less resting, I guess?

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T-thank you for viewing and I'm sorry for the strangeness!

[Sweethearts Week Fanfic] "Business and Pleasure"

Title: Business and Pleasure
Genre: Romance
Word Count: 2,112
Rating/Warnings: PG
Summary: Arthur meets the new employee and sees that something might be amiss with himself.

 He got along so well with everyone, but he and the younger boy had hardly exchanged any words.

It's late for me and is technically the 12th, so I guess this counts as the 5th day...? I hope so. I can't update during the day, so I'm doing it before I sleep...
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[Sweethearts Week] Just the Two of Us, Three Fics

Title: The Ravelled Sleeve of Care
Genre: Could be gen, could be romance, it depends on how you read it--it's kind of somewhere in between.
Word Count: 3357
Rating/Warnings: None, really--PG for language and allusions to violence.
Summary: It's a night during WWII, after yet another fight.  America and England find the time to talk.  The title is a reference to a quote from Shakespeare's MacbethSleep that knits up the ravelled sleave of care/ The death of each day's life, sore labour's bath/ Balm of hurt minds, great nature's second course,/ Chief nourisher in life's feast.

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Title: Do You Think This Happens Every Day?
Genre: Romance, fluff.
Word Count: 2104
Rating/Warnings: None, really--PG for slight sexual allusions.
Summary: Another day after a world meeting, America and England spend some time together in their shared hotel room.  The title is a reference to a quote from The Princess Bride.

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Title: Quite Delightful
Genre: Romance, fluff.
Word Count: 566
Rating/Warnings: None, really--pretty much a G.
Summary: It's cold in the house, but America doesn't feel like getting up.  Title is a reference to the song "Let It Snow."

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HP: What courage is

Fanart + Fanfic AU-theme

You guys can post so much, so fast I am in awe all I've managed so far is some icons. ;^; Well this is the first of hopefully a couple more posts, I'm such a sucker for AU. xD
Sorry if there are any mistakes it's 1 am here orz

Title: Time to pose now-F**K YOU
Rating/Warnings: Cross-dressing, PG-13 for the use of the f-word(?)

A/N: Arthur and Alfred dressed up as the characters Alice and Peter from Alice in the Country of Hearts for Halloween. Arthur is not previously informed there would be pictures or what his costume was going to be. Alfred tries to get him to pose in the signature pose for the two characters and well Arthur speaks his mind. xD This was stewing in my mind because those characters just remind me so much of them, well moreso Alice as Arthur. xD

Title: The wooing of Arthur and his cat
Genre: Romance/Humor/Drama
Pairing(s): USUK only for the moment, future others(if at all) to be decided
Word Count: 2,042
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 at the most, and the fluff levels do get ridiculously high when speaking of cats. xD

Summary: England is a simple cat with a simple owner who is about to watch the interesting courtship of his owner Arthur Kirkland, without realizing that he himself is being courted as well.

A/N: Before you begin please be advised that this story is told from England(the cat's POV) although it does feature Arthur and Alfred as well as America(the cat). Sorry for the confusion this is sure to bring I just couldn't help thinking they would be named that if Arthur and Alfred were human. xD;;

This way for both~
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[MOD POST] Special Relationship Sweethearts: Day Five- Across the Universes

It's now time for the fifth day of our Special Relationship Sweethearts Week! Please refer to the original post if you have any questions/don't know what the heck I'm talking about. Another amazing day! You technically still have until 11:59 GMT -11, February 11th to post fic/art for 'just the two of us,' if you're still trying to get things done.

That being said-

The fifth fic and art theme of the week is...

February 12th: Across the Universes
Fic or art must be alternate universe, alternate reality, or crossover. Gakuen and Fantasia, despite being canon AUs, do qualify for this theme. Alternate reality refers to exploring a deviation from canon. In Hetalia, this may also be called alternate history. Crossovers are pretty self-explanatory; it just needs to feature characters or settings from another canon. Fusion fic/art (i.e. drawing the characters in clothing from another canon) is welcome here as well.

Use the following posting format for your submissions:

Pairing(s): (If it's just USxUK, you don't need to list this)
Link: (Alternately, you may post the fanwork on the community under an lj-cut)

Pairing(s): (If it's just USxUK, you don't need to list this)
Word Count: (We don't normally ask for this, but we need it for this week so we can award the correct amount of Valentines!)
Link: (Alternately, you may post the fanwork on the community under an lj-cut)

Make sure any preview images are no larger than 300x300

You also need to include a note somewhere in the subject line or the post itself that it is a submission for the Special Relationship Sweethearts week. All fic/art for this particular theme must be posted by 11:59 GMT -11 on February twelfth.

Please tag any post you'd like to receive a Valentine for with the '2011 special relationship sweethearts' tag, in addition to the fic, art, doujinshi, vid, whatever it is you're submitting tag. We should be able to keep up on submissions, but on the off chance we miss one, having it readily tagged will help us go back and make sure that doesn't happen.

EDIT: We have added a stipulation for fic authors. For any 1k over 2k words, you will earn an extra Valentine. Basically, a fic of 3k would earn three, of 4k would earn four, etc. I think I caught all of the fics 3k and over from the past few days and awarded them accordingly. Please let me know if I missed yours!

Good luck and have fun! I hope to see just as many posts today! ;)
Good Morning America

[Sweethearts Artwork] Going for a Stroll

Fanart: Going for a Stroll
Rating/Warnings: None, G+
A/N: It's still very cold in the US (even if isn't completely buried in snow)! Good to know there's plenty of ways to keep warm while enjoying winter. :) I have 2 versions of the same work (it probably doesn't count though lol): 1 is B&W, the other is in color on transparent BG so I that'd be pretty neat. Enjoy!

Link: Click the Preview!

[Sweethearts Week] Across the Universe Theme

I'm doing a drabble series for this year's challenge so I will bring you two fics a day ^^  The first 6 themes fic titles are taken from the same song.  If you can guess without cheating, I'll give you a prize  The titles for the Valentine's Day Theme is a secret.

Title: All around me, running through me
Genre: romance, fluff, humor
Pairing(s): USUK
Word Count: 866
Rating/Warnings: Pg-13,  language. 1st POV
Summary: Arthur believes coming home is subjective - Persistence AU
Notes:  England's oneshot- I hope you enjoy and comments are love!

All around me, running through me

Title: Underneath me, running to me
Genre: romance, fluff, humor
Pairing(s): USUK
Word Count: 798
Rating/Warnings: Pg-13,  language. 1st POV
Summary: Alfred believes coming home is like history class  - Persistence AU
Notes:  America's oneshot- I hope you enjoy and comments are love!

Underneath me, running to me

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[Sweethearts Week] Just the two of us theme - Ulterior Motives

Title: Ulterior Motives
Genre: Romance/Humor (Sort of)
Pairing(s): USUK, implied FruCan
Word Count: 712 (I know, It's short. Please don't kill meeee~)
Rating/Warnings: Adult things mentioned and heavily implied, but no details.

Summary: Sitting down with a cup of tea and a good book, that was all England had planned for the day. What he hadn't counted for was the unexpected (though not unwanted) company in the form of a loud American.

A/N: Both human and country names used. Th- this is my first post here ever... Please don't destroy me, I know it's not very good, but I wrote it yesterday on my phone at school. While I can usually write a fair bit, This came out super-short. I don't know whyyy~ D:
Also I've never written anything with kisses/adult sort of things, and this isn't even super-adult. ">////>
For the Sweetheart Week at http://community.livejournal.com/usxuk/

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HP: What courage is

Fanfic AU-theme Post #2

Title: Super Bowl
Genre: Romance/Drabble
Pairing(s)/Characters: USUK
Word Count: 613
Rating/Warnings: G

Summary: During the Super Bowl Arthur feels lonely.

A/N: This was a small moment I had in my head after the Super Bowl and how it would translate to Alfred and Arthur.

"Pass the chips"

Title: Prologue
Genre: Romance/Drama/Humor/Angst
Pairing(s): USUK, others to be decided(if at all)
Word Count: 659
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 overall, maybe a high one but I don't think it will slip into higher territory.

Summary: Alfred is the self-proclaimed Hero of McKinley High School. Stamping out bullying wherever he sees it, his mission is about to get a lot more personal when a new british student arrives.

A/N: GLEE AU. :DD Honestly I was working on this before people posted Glee stuff. ;^; I thought of scrapping it but I had already put too much work into it. Originally this was supposed to be ONE fanart and somehow that evolved into a chapter fic ending with a 5-6ish page comic. /EPIC FAIL I'm so tired. llOTL Hopefully this will not be more than 4 chapters. I'm hoping to post chapter 1 today, but I don't know if I'll make that deadline. /is super slow

"Slushie to the face?"

Title: In Progress
Genre: Drama/ANGST/Friendship/Romance
Pairing(s): USUK, others to be decided(if at all)
Word Count: 2,195
Rating/Warnings: R for future themes and maybe sexual situations. Cheating and other such subjects will be dealt with in some capacity. This is more slice-of-life drama/angst than I've ever done before.

Summary: Sad thing is, you can still love someone and be wrong for them.
Alfred and Arthur are close to their thirties, married and settled in. Living a life that is going down and fast when they find each other by pure chance they form a friendship that carries them through another day. A friendship that evolves into something that could tear their already fragile lives apart.

A/N: PLEASE READ THIS. First this is a VERY rough first chapter for this story. I've been slowly chipping away at it and wanted to let it out for a sort of test run. It's a story that will be updated in the slowest of ways and that's saying a lot considering it's me who is already super slow to begin with. I will most likely re-write this first chapter and/or add to it so I don't hate myself for writing like crap. So this is very very rough. I have just been wanting to do a USUK story with a serious take and some concepts that I usually don't do. So basically this is a challenge to myself.

"This isn't how life is supposed to be, this isn't how love is supposed to be.."

Previous Post for AU-Theme

[Fanfic] Sweethearts' Week Day 4 - Funfair

Hi all. I'm de-lurking with this post, and I hope you enjoy my first fanfic.

Title: Funfair
Author: briaranise 
Genre: Fluff, Romance
Pairing(s): US/UK
Word Count: 1587
Rating: G
Warnings: A tiny innuendo. Fluffy sap, or maybe it's sappy fluff?
Summary: England gives up sleep for one of America's super awesome outings. 

“Hurry up, git,” he mutters affectionately, and America laughs.

3d icon

[Sweetheart's Week: Fanfic] AU: Blindsided

 Title: Blindsided: February made me Shiver
Genre: AU
Word Count: 3533 words
Rating/Warnings: S for Sap, F for Fluff (Oh, and most of the story is rated T/M for language and violence reasons, so far.)
Summary: Piece of the Kink Meme fill for prompt:
England doesn't shoot at the critical moment. But one of his men starts up the battle again, and ends up blinding America.
The Revolution succeeds, but that's the last time England ever sees America in person. Over the years, Canada doesn't comment.
Fastforward to the 20th century. It's after WWII and they've won; the US and the USSR are on the rise. England finds a familiar face talking to Russia, and at Japan's bedside.
Previous parts are (and continuing parts will be) at FF.Net
(For the first time, this contains America's PoV)

February Made Me Shiver, with every paper I delivered 

[sweethearts week] Just the Two of Us (fanart x 4)

Title: Just the Two of Us
Genre: romantic
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for a pantless Arthur...
Characters: Alfred, Arthur
Summary: A lovebirds day. <3
Notes: I've messaged haro  I will be late, because my connetion doesn't work at home (it works only on the PS3, but that won't let me post entries...?), so I had to panickly call my friend and had to wait till he was home form work to post this. ;_; He's looking at my PC as we speak, hope it'll get fixed and i don't need to poke him again or be late... so... hope this is still valid? OTL Again, sorry, AGH. Previous posts: 1 | 2 | 3

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[comic] hey babe, i got you a present.

Title: green and red. (equally creative title)
Pairing/characters: usuk.
Rating: again, R-15.
Warnings: slightly disturbing themes... for me it's just slightly...
A/N: just a thing i did for valentine's day! i was in the mood to draw something related to my other comic so i did this. :D even though i don't believe i'm showing this to my girlfriend.... oh well. actually, i don't even know when valentine's day is, considering people in my place doesn't celebrate it for realz, so i'm sorry if it's too early or too late lol.
Link: http://sara-sora.livejournal.com/4620.html

yet again, i don't know if i should put mature!sex as a tag uh.
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[SWEETHEARTS WEEK - 3 FANFICS] Voices in my head, Your Voice, Merciless Outsiders

Title: Voices in my head
Genre: Romance, humor, AU
Pairing(s)/characters: USxUK, Japan, OC
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 2516
Warnings: A little swearing and one kiss
Notes: Originally was to be a fic for other fandom but never came to finish it and post. So I decided to finish it finally and changed characters and fandom to Hetalia. xD Written for usxuk ‘s 2011 Special Relationship Sweethearts week.
Summary: Arthur, a worker at the bar, Alfred, student who just can’t leave his mind and a girl that causes those weird voices in Arthur’s mind to appear.

Link: "I think I'm going crazy!" Arthur shouted.


Title: Your Voice
Genre: Mystery, probably pre-slash, AU
Rating: PG
Word count: 722
Warnings: None
Notes: A variation of a story that I wrote for an English assignment in high school. Written for usxuk ‘s 2011 Special Relationship Sweethearts week.
Summary: A mysterious voice leads Alfred deep into the forest.

Link: Alfred stood up and as if lead by some mysterious power slowly went deeper and deeper into the dead darkness of the mysterious forest that no one was supposed to enter


Title: Merciless Outsiders
Genre: Tragedy, Friendship, AU
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 588 (520 without the ‘poem’ at the beginning’)
Warnings: war, blood and all, implied death
Notes: Just something I wrote based on a small ‘poem’. Written for usxuk ‘s 2011 Special Relationship Sweethearts week.
Summary: Arthur and Alfred facing the reality of war. Not a happy ending.

Link: They are outside… We are next…

Cross-posted to hetalia

[Sweethearts Week Fanart] Across the Universe~

The day I've been waiting for is heeereeee!!!!

Rating : G
Warning : slight blood for Hetaoni, Harry Potter crossover

Preview !

Aaaannddd this Harry Potter crossover is dedicated to smrtypantz for her/his awesome fanfiction which you can find here smrtypantz.livejournal.com/29006.html
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that's all for today! thankyou for your time!!
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Sweethearts Week Prompt Day 12

AN: I hope this works all right.   

 Everybody has a secret world inside of them. All of the people of the world, I mean everybody. No matter how dull and boring they are on the outside, inside them they’ve all got unimaginable, magnificent, wonderful, stupid, amazing worlds. Not just one world. Hundreds of them. Thousands maybe.-  A Game of You, Neil Gaiman

Title: Luz Sin Gravedad (PrincipleDancer!Amelia/Instructor's Son!Arthur)
Genre: Slice of Life
Word Count: 560
Rating/Warnings: G
Summary: Arthur watched Amelia dance, looking through the windows of the hall.

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Title: Your Magic or Mine? ( Theoritical Mathematician!Alfred/ Traditionalist Botanist!Arthur)
Genre: Humor
Word Count: 947
Rating/Warnings: PG
Summary: "I can't believe you two have never met before, considering the article and following letter debates and close distance of your offices on campus." The editor's brown eyes slyly lingered over nuances in their meeting.

(Collapse ))

Title: Apartment Number 512
Genre: Angst
Word Count: 529
Rating/Warnings: PG for one word and suggestiveness
Summary: Arthur always missed his chances by the slimmest of margins, while Alfred always got what he wanted. Over and over, Alfred found himself secretly astonished at how neither of these outcomes ever made either of them happy.

(Collapse ))

Title: Always Humming (Deaf!Alfred/Arthur)
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 510
Rating/Warnings: G
Summary: A kiss on the nose, a soft smile and quick signs are my thanks.

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America Aviator Wink

[Sweethearts Week - 2 Fanfics] "Westward Bound" and "A Lady's Life"

Title: "A Lady's Life"
Pairing: US/Fem!UK
Genre: Romance/AU
Word Count: 2,152
Rating: PG
Summary: Inspired by the story of Englishwoman Isabella Bird's romance with Rocky Mountain Jim in the Colorado Rockies.
A/N: Never written AU before, for some reason I thought of this today and thought it would be fun for the theme.
Disclaimer: Hetalia does not belong to me.

The first thing that Alice Kirkland's eyes alighted upon when arriving there was the gigantic Long's Peak, the second was her guide a Mr. Alfred Jones.

Title: "Westward Bound"
Genre: Romance/AU
Pairings: UK/Fem!America
Word Count: 2,039
Rating: PG
Summary: Englishman Arthur Kirkland has traveled to the United States seeking his fortune in the gold fields of the west. Instead he strikes gold in the form of a wild Kansas girl who captures his heart.
A/N: I have never written AU before so if this is a weird story I apologize! I've been reading too many history books and watching too many documentaries lately...
Disclaimer: Hetalia does not belong to me.

Amelia Jones was something else.

[Sweethearts Week] Across the Universes [2 Fics]

Title: New Styles 
Genre: Slice of Life 
Word Count: 558 
Rating/Warnings: T for one cuss word (to be safe) 
Summary: Break dancer! America AU. Arthur finds out Alfred's "secret." 

( Yes, you heard me.

Title: The Mightiest
Genre: Adventure/Fantasy AU
Word Count: 2,292
Rating/Warnings: T for profanity 
Summary: Alfred believes he is the best knight in the world until he is bested by another scrawnier knight... with large eyebrows?

( The dragon was the largest, most ugly red swollen zit he’d ever seen.

Spooky Kitty indeed

[Sweetheart Week] Day 05- Across the universe

Title: Drops of Jupiter
Artist: Me/KisekiKokoro
Rating/Warnings: G, none
Artist comments: Based on one of my favorite novels of all time The Little Prince , that USUK doujin with the same title, and this song I listened to while I was making this. I thought it'll fit perfect with the theme in literal terms.  Although I do feel awkward that I haven't done Days 2, 3, and 4 yet.. (  ;w; )

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[Sweethearts Week] Across the Universes

Theme 5: Across the Universes!

DAY FIVE!!! YEAH!!! T-2 Days till V-DAY!!! X)
XD Ah this was so fun! I wanted to do "Alfred in Wonderland" but I gave up on it.... -____- maybe a later time.....

Enjoy the show~

Title: Dressup
Ratings/Warnings: G; Crack-ish
Summary: Where Iggy and America cosplay! XD
Link: www.angel-yume.deviantart.com/#/d39fa1p
A/N: Yep, ain't it funny.  XD It was enjoyable.

Title: Dressup 2
Ratings/Warnings: G; more crack-ish stuff
Summary: In a galaxy far, far away.... I mean, Star Wars, Hetalia Style! Iggy=Princess Leia America=Han Solo
Link: angel-yume.deviantart.com/#/d39faco
XD Haha This was so hilarious!

Title: The Gunner + The Magician
Ratings/Warnings: G
Summary: Hetalia Fantasia!
Link: angel-yume.deviantart.com/#/d39faig
A/N: America's bazooka thing -____________- ergh. And the magic circle, I don't even...

Title: Nighttime Flying
Ratings/Warnings: G
Summary: Gryffindor!America and Slytherin!England have a night flight.
Link: angel-yume.deviantart.com/#/d39faut
A/N: Yes. They're crashing to their deaths. Cry for them. X) jkjk.

That's it! Hope y'all enjoyed it! Thanks for viewing!

[Sweethearts Week] Earth, Sky, and Space Theme

I'm doing a drabble series for this year's challenge so I will bring you two fics a day ^^  The first 6 themes fic titles are taken from the same song.  If you can guess without cheating, I'll give you a prize  The titles for the Valentine's Day Theme is a secret.

Title: The clouds are glowing now
Genre: romance, fluff, humor
Pairing(s): USUK
Word Count: 1127
Rating/Warnings: Pg-13,  language
Summary: Stonehenge is unique America discovers
Notes:  England's oneshot- I hope you enjoy and comments are love!

The clouds are glowing now

Title: My dreams are fading now
Genre: romance, fluff, humor
Pairing(s): USUK
Word Count: 1093
Rating/Warnings: Pg-13,  language
Summary: The Grand Canyon is special as England discovers
Notes:  America's oneshot- I hope you enjoy and comments are love!

My dreams are fading now