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2011 Secret Santa Archive Post!

This is serves as the archive post for all usxuk 2011 Secret Santa fills.

I'm doing this because it's easy to miss your gift being posted. There are a lot of posts, and it's a busy time of year when many of you may not often be online. Plus, some participants do not have this community friended. If you don't have time to look through the index, you can F3 and search for your username to see if your gift has been posted.

Please make sure to let your Santa know that their gift is appreciated!

We also thought it would be fun to have a continually updated index to make it easier for all members to peruse the gifts. We welcome and encourage commenting to as many gifts as you can!

This post will be linked in both the sidebar and the userinfo for easy access.


Author: last_haven
Recipient: aliasdefeat
Title: Paint Job
England wears some decorative woad, and America sports Native American paint. PG-13

Author: arakni666
Recipient: binni
Title: Reconstruction
(Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 |Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 | Chapter 10)
In the traditions of the Kingdom of Spades, the Crown Prince is to be married on his twentieth birthday to whichever young lady he wants. Unfortunately, Prince Alfred is having a little trouble with that. Cards AU. PG-13

Author: mizu_from_kumo
Recipient: bioniceye
Title: What You Need for a Perfect Christmas
(Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5)
It's Alfred and Arthur's first Christmas together, and they want it to be perfect. PG-13

Author: abarero
Recipient: sillyputtie
Title: Never Land
(Chapter 1 | Chapter 2)
Peter Pan!AU. When a boy who Arthur has always believed to be merely a character in his fairy tales flies in through his window the night before his eighteenth birthday, Arthur finds himself whisked away to a land of never growing up. PG.

Author: hime_chu
Recipient: fmavatard
Title: Mission: Saving Santa!
Alfred knew that he had to save Christmas when Arthur mentioned cooking. PG-13

Author: alexdelarge113
Recipient: jacquzy
Title: The Gift
(Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4)
Human AU. Alfred and Arthur (established couple) decide they want a baby. PG-13

Author: sillyputtie
Recipient: marimo_blogger
Title: Defying the System
Butler!US and master!UK domestic relationship in the mansion. Preferably they're very open about the relationship (i.e. not hiding it from other servants in the house). PG

Author: greeko88
Recipient: blood_winged
Title: Pictures of You
Arthur finds an album of photos, all taken by Alfred in secret, of him. PG-13

Author: shibbyone
Recipient: haruchitalia
Title: On Which the Sun Never Sets
US and UK, feeling (and tears) of relief and triumph because of the end of WW2. Hugging involved. PG

Author: osco_blue_fairy
Recipient: greeko88
Title: Five Weeks aka How Long it Takes a Puppy to Change Everything
(Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6)
Sometimes, love just isn't enough to fix what's gone wrong--luckily, that's what puppies are there for. A story of breaking apart, coming together, and puppy-rearing. PG-13

Author: haro
Recipient: kurusa7227
Title: Atlantis is Waiting
(Chapter 1)
Alfred F. Jones has always dreamed of finding Atlantis, and he's put his life's work into making it happen. But when he finally joins an expedition and discovers the lost empire, he finds that there are many more mysteries to be solved within the kingdom itself. And one of the mysteries, that being Atlantis's Prince Arthur, fascinates Alfred much more than the others. [Based on the Disney film- Atlantis: The Lost Empire] PG

Author: vocahetafan13
Recipient: j_sasunaru_c
Title: War on Spades
(Chapter 1 | Chapter 2)
To protect what is important to him,Alfred F. Jones will do anything to become stronger. In order to become a man deserving of the one whom he wishes to keep by his side. PG-13

Author: slashy_lady
Recipient: hakuku
Title: Falling Slowly, Falling Hard
Arthur Kirkland already had a complicated life with his demanding job, annoying rival-slash-colleague, and meddlesome best friend. Adding 'potential internet lover boy' to the whole mess was really not a wise move. Not at all. (And yet he did it). PG-13

Author: sirvalkyrie
Recipient: couryielle
Title: Scrapbooked Christmas
Allison tells her daughter how she and Agatha became a couple over the course of several Christmas Eves. PG

Author: musichika_tg
Recipient: last_haven
Title: Taking One For The Team
America somehow convinces England to go to an American football game; England gets very into it. R-18

Author: aerith1992
Recipient: mizu_from_kumo
Title: White Rabbit and Caterpillar
Ally F. Jones gets a new punk neighbour. She can't help falling for him. PG-13

Author: caohime
Recipient: edelweiss123
Title: Dancing
The King and Queen of Spades share a dance. PG.

Author: 9mm_meg
Recipient: seraphic_dream
Title: In Such a State
(Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5)
Alfred is just after a Christmas present for his little sister, but when he finds a life-sized, broken doll outside a shop and takes him home, he gets quite a bit more than he bargained for. Victorian!AU. PG

Author: santeelegs
Recipient: absolutehymn007
Title: Wild Men's Ball
(Chapter 1 | Chapter 1.5)
A country is hosting a masquerade ball where everyone is invited. He is busy with his hosting duties when he bumps into (literally) a man with pure blue eyes and is asked to dance. PG

Author: jacquzy
Recipient: eat_my_shoes661
Title: The Curious and Terrible Tale of General Winter
(Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7)
Hans Christian Anderson's The Snow Queen retold. When Alfred vanishes into a cold storm of snow, Arthur begins a journey that will last his whole childhood in order to bring his best friend home. PG

Author: squinff
Recipient: briaranise
Title: 1945
Allies Boyband AU: in which Alfred and Arthur must deal with their blooming attraction to each other and face the wrath of their adoring female fans… in full public view. PG

Author: captainladyace
Recipient: dividebyzero
Title: January Hymn
(Chapter 1 )
After a fight and a snowstorm, Alfred dwells on his relationship with Arthur, tired of always being the one to apologize. PG

Author: musichika_tg
Recipient: tophatviolet
Title: The Mother Road
Snippets of Alfred’s and Arthur’s week on the Mother Road. PG-13

Author: lady_phenyx
Recipient: natcat5
Title: Come Play With Me
Arthur lets loose and Alfred pushes back his hatred of winter to have fun in the snow. G

Author: dividebyzero0
Recipient: hanna_adi88
Title: Hetalia Potter
(Chapter 1 | Chapter 2)
Alfred and Arthur are secretly dating within Hogwarts. During a class they share together the duo are paired in separate groups where a flirtatious girl is hitting on Arthurs man. PG-13

Author: seraphic_dream
Recipient: shuriken7
Title: Caught in the Act
Christmas is coming up and while Arthur is searching in Alfred's storage room, he ends up with a bit more than expected. Unfortunately,Alfred catches him in the act. PG-13

Author: miaoujones
Recipient: taleness
Title: You Know in the End
In which Arthur remembers everything and Alfred completes a promise that was unfulfilled, though never broken. G.

Author: absolutehymn007
Recipient: fivedayslater
Title: Fulfillment of Regrets
(Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 )
Arthur Kirkland, who has the ability to see ghosts and other non-living beings, is entering his first year at Creston University. Alfred F. Jones is a newly created ghost who happens to have a strong phobia of ghosts. Arthur meets him in his first week and decides to lend a hand to help him get over his fear. He also finds himself wanting to give Alfred a second chance at the life that he should have lived before it was abruptly cut short. PG-13

Author: fivedayslater
Recipient: xtwilightzx
Title: On a Cold Winter Night
After losing his luggage at the airport, England gets caught in a snowstorm. Luckily he has America to warm him up. PG.

Author: destinyshiva
Recipient: pantstacular
Title: Love is a Song that Never Ends
America and England watching their first Disney movie together. PG.

Author: nihon_love
Recipient: emblazer
Title: Wordless is the Language of the Heart
A story about how Alfred Jones spent years wondering about his fellow Gryffindor Arthur Kirkland and how he finally talked to him on the Eve of what was about to be the worst Christmas of his life. Harry Potter Crossover. PG

Author: laur10s
Recipient: mintbun
Title: Operation Seduction
Gakuen!AU Alfred's a total loser (of the geek and nerd variety) who failtastically tries to seduce Student Council President!Arthur. Hilarity ensues. PG

Author: igggycat
Recipient: deegeeak
Title: Grounded
What are Alfred and Arthur to do when stuck in the airport on Christmas Eve? PG

Author: hanakoanime
Recipient: riiyacub
Title: Paradise
Arthur and Alfred as wolves. Crossover with Wolf's Rain. PG-13

Author: dovsari
Recipient: cogs_and_gearrs
Title: Sanctuary
(Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 & 3 | Chapter 4 )
In the midst of a galactic war, an impossible discovery is made. Non-human life is detected on a planet in orbit around a black hole. To get a piece of the glory, the wealthiest systems send their best and brightest, but something dangerous lurks in the light of the black sun. PG-13

Author: rurushuu
Recipient: angel_shin
Title: The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name
The Trees of Life give birth to the Royalty of Spades. A forbidden love blooms in an emotionless monarchy and is bound to set a revolution in the Kingdom of Spades. A love that dare not speak its name. R-18

Author: midori_lover
Recipient: santeelegs
Title: Come and Open Up Your Folding Chair Next To Me
On the day of their senior graduation, Alfred Jones asks Arthur Kirkland out on a date. Arthur wonders what Alfred could have possibly seen in him, but sure why not? (It wasn't like he had been waiting for this all along, mind you. PG

Author: slashy_lady
Recipient: shibbyone
Title: Play the Song Again Tonight (And I Will Dance)
Alfred Jones had a night full of fun and a morning full of surprises. PG-13

Author: azotus
Recipient: teaismylife
Title: Ballroom Dancing Made a Man of Me
Cardverse AU. Queen Arthur intends to teach his young, unrefined King some manners, starting with the greatest form of royal expression: dance. PG

Author: xtwilightzx
Recipient: slashy_lady
Title: Bridging the Distance
It’s Arthur, now, and it’s… complicated. Heart-joltingly, endearingly, never-gonna-trade-this-for-anything complicated, with so much history and the freaking Atlantic between them, and Alfred’s never done too well with separation once he’s latched onto something. But with the both of them working towards each other, the distance between them doesn't seem so great anymore. PG

Author: indict
Recipient: yumi_oko_chan
Title: This Is Why You Label Your TV Guide Clearly or Else Your Neighbors Are Going to Take Them and You'll Never Get it Back
Lame, maybe slightly, unintentionally offensive, pickup lines and confession clichés from either of them to the other as a means of confessing love, whether first off or somewhere during a relationship. PG

Author: alexon_charm
Recipient: dovsari
Title: All of Time & Space in One Year
(Chapter 1 | Chapter 2)
Arthur was just a librarian before all of time and space fell into his lap. Then everything really went to hell, but in a good way. PG-13

Author: shuriken7
Recipient: sppandaaa
Title: Misunderstanding
She had never realized she had wanted him until she lost him. Now he's back and she's not sure where she stands. US/Fem!UK, PG

Author: ankh_lj
Recipient: lady_phenyx
Title: Gift of the Blue Fairy
(Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 )
America discovers England has a novel way of de-stressing. PG

Author: binni
Recipient: chiisana00
Title: To My Dearest
As they go through their lives, Alfred and Arthur sometimes exchange letters to keep in touch, explain situations, or just to remind the other of some important things. G.

Author: just_a_fangirl
Recipient: sillyjasdero
Title: Teenage Wasteland
(Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5)
England does not remember the Revolutionary War; his memory is stuck in his pirate teen self. He is not so depressed as the 'normal' England is, and America is torn between wanting the old England back and letting the 'new' England stay happy as he is. But eventually, England's memories come back and shit hits the fan. PG-13

Author: tophatviolet
Recipient: ankh_lj
Title: Look At Me That Way
England deciding to be more active in raising Sealand after discovering Sealand was alone for Christmas). Jealous conflicted America trying to figure out what he truly wants from England. G.

Author: yumi_oko_chan
Recipient: eli_lauritzen
Title: Golden
America thought than when he grew up, naturally Canada would too. He didn't. PG-13.

Author: redblonde7
Recipient: maiyeng
Title: Through A Child's Eyes
(Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3)
Prompt was Doctor!Alfred x Nurse!Arthur. PG-13

Author: bluefay
Recipient: destinyshiva
Title: Fall for You
(Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 & 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8, 9 & 10)
High school AU. Homophobic Alfred found himself attracted to Arthur without meaning to. PG-13

Author: marquis25
Recipient: hanakoanime
Title: Before My Helpless Sight
Angst during the First World War. PG.

Author: edelweiss123
Recipient: redblonde7
Title: Oh America, my America
(Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3)
Alfred pays a visit to England in the week before his birthday, but soon discovers that something is not quite right with the British nation... G.

Author: hanna_adi88
Recipient: avalonavalanche
Title: Why I Hate Rabbits
(Chapter 1 )
When Alfred and Arthur lead their lives in a not so gay friendly village somewhere in the 14th century, rabbits are the least of their problems. But what happens when an adorable specimen takes Alfred's place? PG-13.

Author: velted
Recipient: laur10s
Title: Past Tense, Present Tense
It was a tradition that neither of them had meant to break. Will they be able to start it again and spend Christmas every year together like they used to? PG.

Author: 8_bitprincess
Recipient: azurewatabi
Title: Water, Water Everywhere
England had always been the best at aquatic warfare, at least until America came along. PG-13.

Author: edwards_maid
Recipient: rurushuu
Title: Believe
Arthur is a grinch and Alfred is determined to change that, falling in love was a bonus. PG-13.

Author: blood_winged
Recipient: arakni666
Title: The Storyteller
(Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3)
Prompt: One Thousand and One Nights - Alfred is the bored, lovesick prince, and Arthur is the storyteller. Arthur is taken to the palace of the infamous Prince Alfred, where he meets the man's quiet, anxious younger brother, and finally the prince himself. He doesn't plan to become simply the next in a long line. G.

Author: darkfireburning
Recipient: cattiechaos
Title: All I Want for Christmas is You
Gakuen AU!verse. Due to an unfortunate circumstance (that I leave to your discretion), Alfred is spending Christmas alone in New York while Arthur is alone in London. What are they going to do to have a happy Christmas? G.

Author: j_sasunaru_c
Recipient: darquecrystal
Title: His Dearest
(Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 )
Alfred, juggling with academics and internship and being the best of his batch, had remotely less time with Arthur. It went on for two months. Arthur decided to break up with him. PG.

Author: caliowl
Recipient: squinff
Title: Spring Cleaning
Human!AU Prompt: Alfred and Arthur are spring cleaning, Alfred sees Arthur being fascinated over some tiny detail. Fluff. PG-13.

Author: natcat5
Recipient: sara_sora
Title: For the Love of the Moon
America (secretly) wears a dress and England is very pleased with it (when he finds out). R-18.

Author: xtwilightzx
Recipient: musichika_tg
Title: Will of the People
Alfred participating in Occupy: Wall Street and missing a world meeting. Other countries responding to his absence, leading to certain countries going to join him. G.

Author: cannibal_plum
Recipient: 8_bitprincess
Title: Tangled Fingers
5 AUs in which Alfred and Arthur are intwined with one another. PG-13

Author: haruchitalia
Recipient: cannibal_plum
Title: In the Season of Hope
America is jealous of England's friendship with Denmark and Prussia, what he sees as his only barrier preventing himself and England from being in a relationship. So what happens when Denmark and Prussia are away for a week? Set in the days before Christmas at Hetalia World Academy. PG.

Author: teaismylife
Recipient: darkfireburning
Title: Lyra

America and England watch the stars together throughout the ages, their relationship changing as they grow. G.

Author: deegeeak
Recipient: sweetfight
Title: Snapshots of Year

A snapshot of the Spade Queen and King's relationship through their first year together. PG-13.

Author: sppandaaa
Recipient: megami_yari
Title: When First You Don't Succed Try and Try Again
(Chapter 1 )
Gakuen AU! Alfred has tried numerous times to confess to a certain English gentleman, but each time it ended it complete and utter failure. But with Christmas on the horizon, he is determined to finally tell how he feels. PG-13

Author: last_haven
Recipient: azotus
Title: The Same Sky
America and England as human beings, meeting again and again throughout time, joined by fate. A bunch of tiny AUs, basically. PG-13.

Author: dusmarais
Recipient: shantari
Title: Heroman X
Arthur Kirkland is a reporter who is pretty sure that the city's hero is the rookie reporter, Alfred F. Jones. PG-13.

Author: lady_phenyx
Recipient: phox99
Title: A Helping Paw
Neko America and England conspire to get their humans together. G.

Author: indict
Recipient: yuanhua
Title: Robert Pattinson is America
(Chapter 1
Hunter!UK x Oblivious Vampire!US. M.

Author: childishsadism
Recipient: 9mm_meg
Title: Blooming
What are little girls made of? Sugar, spice and all things nice! But America just doesn't seem this way, or maybe England is just not realizing she is growing up. PG-13.

Author: redblonde7
Recipient: just_a_fangirl
Title: Looking From a Distance
Alfred falls in love at first sight with a mature businessman he keeps seeing everywhere. PG-13.

Author: midori_lover
Recipient: katokatsu
Title: Turkey Sandwiches, Hot Choco and Snow Flavored Kisses?
AU (human names used); In which Arthur is stranded in a London airport on Christmas Eve and learns a valuable lesson: sometimes it's best to let that handsome stranger with blond hair and blue blue eyes take the empty seat next to yours. He might just change your life-for the better of course. PG.

Author: abarero
Recipient: sillyputtie
Title: The Scientific Method of Falling in Love
Highschool AU. Alfred has a pretty big crush on Arthur, but he's pretty sure the school's soccer hero isn't going to give him and his dorky science self a second glance. PG.

Author: shantari
Recipient: kyoko215
Title: The Worrywart and the Grump
Alfred invited Arthur over to show off the preparations of his awesome Christmas party, not knowing he'd end up missing the festivities because of the slightest of mishaps. G.

Author: haro
Recipient: kurusa7227
Title: Changeling
When Arthur turned fourteen, he discovered something about himself that changed his life forever. He was a changeling, a faerie left behind in place of a stolen human child, and he had no choice but to conceal that fact from the world. But after four years of hiding it, he meets Alfred Jones, who may just be the key to unraveling the mystery of his past... PG-13.

Author: azotus
Recipient: scarlet_xx
Title: Follow You in All Things
America is a little colony and England visits. Fluff ensues. G.

Author: pantstacular
Recipient: bluefay
Title: The Little Merman
Arthur is a merman prince that longs to live on land. When he meets Alfred, a prince of a nearby kingdom of the surface, they fall in love. However for them to be together Arthur has to pay a great price. Disney's The Little Mermaid!AU. PG.

Author: jedishampoo
Recipient: vocahetafan13
Title: Queens and Kings and Queens and
Sort-of-Spades AU, Alfred/Arthur. In a small, war-torn kingdom, desperate times force desperate measures, especially when love is involved. PG-13

Author: liete
Recipient: dusmarais
Title: One Sheep Two Sheep Red Sheep Blue Sheep
After watching a scary movie, America convinces England to stay with him until he falls asleep. PG.

Author: phox99
Recipient: alexdelarge113
Title: Keep the Home Fires Burning
Home at alone at Christmas eve, Arthur is thinking of the person on the on front lines, wishing for him to come home. PG-13.

Author: blood_winged
Recipient: edwards_maid
Title: Nine Tenths of the Law
America is really possessive and it turns England on. America becomes aware of this and decides to implement it in bed. Possessive sex ensues. R-mature content.



Artist: kiroayase50
Recipient: igggycat
Sweet Midnight Kiss in the Snow [G]

Artist: last_haven
Recipient: aliasdefeat
Title: Woad and Paint

Artist: izzyninjajedi
Recipient: viciouskitteh6
Drunk England [PG]

Artist: sara_sora
Recipient: snowshoebombay
Santa!America [R-18]

Artist: monobuu
Recipient: honeyhana
Nekotalia Christmas [G]

Artist: kisu_fu
Recipient: kieseltan
Battle of Hogwarts [PG]

Artist: viciouskitteh6
Recipient: akira_nagato
Nekotalia Fluff [G]

Artist: kyoko215
Recipient: sealedsprite
Dragon Slaying [PG]

Artist: caohime
Recipient: edelweiss123
Dancing in Spades [G]

Artist: emblazer
Recipient: indict
Superheroes [G]

Artist: kurusa7227
Recipient: wafflesama
Winter Cuddles [G]

Artist: sara_sora
Recipient: mikaishi
Baby England and America [G]

Artist: resha04
Recipient: cecil_ventus
Antebellum [G]

Artist: katokatsu
Recipient: alexon_charm
50's Malt Shop [G]

Artist: maiyeng
Recipient: ubermidget
Spades Garden [G]

Artist: marimo_blogger
Recipient: abarero
Toucans in the Tropics [G]

Artist: madamearie
Recipient: kisu_fu
Everything will be alright [G]

Artist: sealedsprite
Recipient: marquis25
In the Land of Spades [G]

Artist: phox99
Recipient: madamearie
Steampunk [G]

Artist: hakuku
Recipient: midori_lover
GQ cover models [PG]

Artist: kyuubimonster
Recipient: fuchs_usuk
Kiss of Life [PG]

Artist: fuchs_usuk
Recipient: aerith1992
Slytherin Arthur [PG-13]

Artist: ubermidget
Recipient: velted
Masquerade Ball [PG]

Artist: mintbun
Recipient: blulious
One Happy Adoption Later [G]

Artist: scarlet_xx
Recipient: colevic
America's Piano [G]

Artist: cecil_ventus
Recipient: kurokuropyon
All I Want for Christmas is You [G]

Artist: kurokuropyon
Recipient: kitty_mittenz17
Merry Christmas, Darling [G]

Artist: taleness
Recipient: rirrie
Comic: Bell and Chime [G]

Artist: kitty_mittenz17
Recipient: caliowl
Singin' in the Rain [G]

Artist: megami_yari
Recipient: oftheorchids
Sharing Earphones [G]

Artist: mikaishi
Recipient: izzyninjajedi
Dragon Flight [G]

Artist: avalonavalanche
Recipient: kyuubimonster
Baking Cookies [G]

Artist: blulious
Recipient: monobuu
Comic: The Summon [PG]

Artist: colevic
Recipient: madlytae
Space Noir [PG]

Artist: kitty_mittenz17
Recipient: kiroyase50
Under the Mistletoe [G]

Artist: sweetfight
Recipient: hime_chu
Angel/Devil [G]

Artist: sillyjasdero
Recipient: sirvalkyrie
Pretty Cure [G]

Artist: rirrie
Recipient: haro
Married Life [G]

Artist: isoyamanami
Recipient: tootie_sullivan
Gryffindor/Slytherin [G]

Artist: happipo
Recipient: resha04
Happy Golden Days [G]

Artist: shadowfaeyre
Recipient: felinealchemist
Bubbles / Fun & Games [G]

Artist: kanami_yuuta
Recipient: miaoujones
Comic: Kisses [PG]

Artist: honeyhana
Recipient: caohime
Comic: Last Christmas [G]

Artist: bioniceye
Recipient: happipo
Old Man [G]

Artist: kieseltan
Recipient: aurazelia
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy [G]

Artist: yuanhua
Recipient: darkbriar44
Pirate & Mermaid [PG-13]

Artist: chiisana00
Recipient: osco_blue_fairy
And When the Lights Come On [G]

Artist: wafflesama
Recipient: soubi_tatsumi
Waking up together [PG]

Artist: monobuu
Recipient: kanami_yuuta
King & Queen of Spades [G]

Artist: shadowfaeyre
Recipient: felinealchemist
Bath Time / Fairytale [G]

Artist: sillyjasdero
Recipient: captainladyace
Comic: Restaurant AU [G]

Artist: vocahetafan13
Recipient: j_sasunaru_c
Cuddles [G]

Thank you everyone! And spread the holiday cheer :)
Tags: 2011 secret santa fic/art exchange, archive!post

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