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[MOD POST] USxUK Summer Camp: Day Sixteen- Nighttime

Time for the sixteenth day of USxUK SUMMER CAMP! This is the second day of our third week.

Please refer to the original post if you have any questions/don't know what the heck I'm talking about. You technically still have until 11:59 GMT -11, July 15th to post fic/art for 'hiking/camping' if you're still trying to get things done.

The sixteenth fic and art theme is...

July 16th: Nighttime
Lights out! Anything is welcome, as long as it takes place at night and is at least somewhat relevant to it being as such. Whether they're out looking at the stars or inside the house, it's welcome.

All fic/art for this particular theme must be posted by 11:59 GMT -11 today. If you need information on the posting format, please go to this post. Of course, there is one change in that now. Instead of tagging with week one, you need to tag your posts with '2011 usxuk summer camp week 3.'

Good luck and have fun!
-Camp Counselor haro
Tags: 2011 usxuk summer camp, 2011 usxuk summer camp week 3, mod!post

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