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2010 Secret Santa Archive!

This is serves as the archive post for all usxuk 2010 Secret Santa fills.

I'm doing this because it's easy to miss your gift being posted. There are a lot of posts, and it's a busy time of year when many of you may not often be online. Plus, some participants do not have this community friended. If you don't have time to look through the index, you can f3 and search for your username to see if your gift has been posted. Please make sure to let your Santa know that their gift is appreciated!

We also thought it would be fun to have a continually updated index to make it easier for all members to peruse the gifts. We welcome and encourage commenting to as many gifts as you can!

This post will be linked in both the sidebar and the userinfo for easy access.

164/164 Fills Completed!


Author: itachi00sasuke
Recipient: angel_shin
Title: Can you help me?
AU: High School/College Student Arthur and Alfred on a Study date because neither of them have the free time for a real date.

Author: liete
Recipient: seraphic_dream
Title: Let's Play! Hetalia Fantasia!
(Chapter 1 | Chapter 2)
A story within a story. America and England are tasked with beta testing Japan's newest video game, where they take control of Alfred and Arthur, two heroes on a quest to save the world and make names for themselves. To reach their goals, both pairs have to learn to work together.

Author: arakni666
Recipient: unaccompanied_g
Title: Golly What A Day
( Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4)
King Richard has journeyed off on a Crusade, leaving his greedy brother Francis on the throne. There is only one person who can stop the prince's tyranny- the carefree young outlaw, Alfred Jones. Disney's Robin Hood, USUK style.

Author: lisacreature
Recipient: xxpianosex
Title: A Yummy Christmas!
Pregnant Arthur is moody around Christmas time and has a hormonal hissy fit due to dinner being burnt, so Alfred tries to calm him down with sex.

Author: mizu_from_kumo
Recipient: lisacreature
Title: Falling Up
( Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6) COMPLETED
Leaving Francis was the best thing he ever did, even if it had no common sense. He was not going to raise his daughter there, but were the streets much better? The world is always against him.

Author: sillyjasdero
Recipient: wishfull2
( Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 | Chapter 10)
Marine Alfred and Pirate Arthur, from enemies to lovers.

Author: narwhal123
Recipient: midori_lover
Title: Microwaves, Blender, and Mistletoe
( Chapter 1 | Chapter 2)
England and America fail at making Christmas food,

Author: icy_piyo21
Recipient: hinatasakura
Title: White Christmas
Arthur Kirkland is the head of The World Academy student council. Apparently, he has successfully made five vice student council heads retire because all of them can't stand his attitude. Enter Alfred F Jones, the new student soon-to-be vice. Oh, student council is never going to be the same again for Arthur... Would this new vice eventually make Arthur honest to himself? Wait, is that a Christmas ball coming up?

Author: hinatasakura
Recipient: bluemyst19
Title: Perfection
America goes visit England and find out one more surprising thing about him... he can play the violin.

Author: hinatasakura
Recipient: bluemyst19
Title: White Christmas
England is in America's house for Christmas Eve, but where is America himself?

Author: slashy_lady
Recipient: arakni666
Title: Secret
Going to museum was not the kind of activity that Alfred often entertained. But his visit to the museum that weekend with Arthur proved to be... quite an interesting experience.

Author: osco_blue_fairy
Recipient: kupodesu
Title: A Simple Ghost(Love) Story
( Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Epilogue) COMPLETE
Just the same old story; boy meets ghost, boy falls for ghost, the rest is simple. No matter what Alfred thinks.

Author: jedishampoo
Recipient: buddha_loves_me
Title: The Stray
It’s December in Afghanistan, and America has gone missing. England, of course, is the one who must go looking for him.

Author: buddha_loves_me
Recipient: colevic
Title: Bottle it Up
Arthur thinks to himself that at this point he should be used to war, used to the loss of his men. But he is not, and after two ambushes in one day, he is forced to realize that Alfred, too, is in many ways much too young for war. How sweet it is, to die for one's country.

Author: abarero
Recipient: socialholic
Title: Codename (Alfred vs. The Computer)
( Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 COMPLETE)
When computer geek Alfred inadvertently downloads government secrets into his brain, the two countries behind the secrets send agents to keep a watch on him. One of them is MI-6 agent Arthur Kirkland, who is about to turn Alfred's life upside down in more ways than one.

Author: jime_chan
Recipient: xlapetitemortx
Title: Stargazing
Arthur and America, stargazing in the beach.

Author: tropicalna
Recipient: iceappletea
Title: Rule Breaker
During a G8 meeting, Arthur subconsciously does stuff that Alfred finds it hot and is bothering him a lot. Well. Sort of subconsciously.

Author: nihon_love
Recipient: jean_wired
Title: I Hope It Won't Be (a) Home Alone
America and England struggle to choose a movie to watch together.

Author: strawberryburst
Recipient: metatronis
Title: There Will Be S'mores
America catches England talking to fairies and, fed up, England dares him to confront one of his own native creatures. America decides to run with it since it doesn't exist. There's also camping.

Author: sppandaaa
Recipient: akisilver
Title: Wonderful Christmas Time
( Chapter 1)
A blizzard leaves America stranded in a Russian airport on Christmas Eve, expecting to spend Christmas alone, America was in for a surprise when her learned a certain island nation was stuck along with him.

Author: seraphic_dream
Recipient: sppandaaa
Title: From the Beloved
Alfred F. Jones is the star of the football team with his beautiful grin and bright blue eyes and Arthur envies. Yet stars dim until they aren't seen, outshone by another.

Author: katrara
Recipient: mizu_from_kumo
Title: Lost Luggage
Stuck in an airport together, complete strangers to each other.

Author: jessa_bellee
Recipient: amael_elen
Title: Christmas Time in the City
America and England go to the famous Rockefeller Christmas tree lighting in New York City where America has a little surprise for England up his sleeve.

Author: sillyputtie
Recipient: berseker
Title: The Perfect Gift
England wants to give America the perfect Christmas gift. And since America is America, he decides to build a robot for him.

Author: midori_lover
Recipient: bluubun
Title: Merry Christmas and Good Riddance (Well, shame, coz I’m not going anywhere without you)
Gakuen AU; Every year, it's always the same: Alfred leaves for the winter holidays while his roommate, Arthur, enjoys them in their dorm without his company. But when a snow storm keeps Alfred from going home, Arthur is forced to spend a day stuck inside with him; a day that involves teaching Alfred how to knit, sharing bed space with him (not what you think it is!) and that traditional mistletoe kiss (all done only because of tradition, of course!). And Arthur realizes that being stuck inside with your terribly annoying roommate isn't so bad after all.

Author: couryielle
Recipient: malayu
Title: Drawn Together
( Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3) COMPLETE
Gakuen AU. Alfred and Arthur for some reason, got stuck together in the Student Council room after hours. With the coldest, most violent blizzard raging outside.

Author: jade_rzeznic
Recipient: jessa_bellee
Title: Such Fragile Lives
December 25th, 1776, Washington and the Continental Army crossed the Delaware. December 24th, 1776, America made the crossing first and made his way into the British camp.

Author: alliterations
Recipient: wefasappleblood
Title: Confessions on 3x3 Inches
High School AU. Arthur gets himself a rather unconventional secret admirer, and is reluctant to admit who he thinks—hopes—it might be.

Author: saramon
Recipient: orangepencils
Title: Buttercream
In which England tries to bake and, typically, it doesn't work, so he has an emotional crisis.

Author: riyuyami
Recipient: alexon_charm
Title: Angel, You Look Fine to Me!
Arthur is embarrassed by his Britannia Angel form being seen by Alfred and does his best to avoid ever showing him. But, during a night of passion it turns out that certain actions cause Arthur to change. What's Alfred's reaction? It's better than what Arthur expected...

Author: shiyasim
Recipient: the_evil_pastry
Title: The Doctor Alfred F. Jones Christmas Special
Due to a string of bad luck, Alfred has missed the Christmas Show at school every year and it just so happens to be the only time Arthur’s willing to pull out his guitar and sing. So Alfred decides to build a time machine and travel back to watch those shows. High school AU.

Author: orangepencils
Recipient: ab_jaded
Title: Me, Jealous? No!
America gets jealous because it seems to him that his boyfriend is spending way too much time with France.

Author: jade_rzeznic
Recipient: jessa_bellee
Title: Just Like Every Other Station
England had planned to go back to his hotel on Christmas Eve, but America had to go and try to serenade him like the cheesy idiot he was. And it had to be that song.

Author: diana_lucifera
Recipient: lostdonut
Title: Pop Realism
( Chapter 1)
Arthur may be nude modeling for Alfred Jones’ art class, and yes, Alfred may be attractive, but it’s not like Arthur’s doing it for him or anything. After all, he doesn’t really care if Alfred likes him or not, and he certainly doesn’t care about what Alfred’s been drawing in that sketchbook of his. Got it?

Author: neynaoe
Recipient: dark0shade
Title: Winter Makes It Worse
Alfred gets sick during the winter months.

Author: akisilver
Recipient: scarletchou
Title: Morning After
Arthur's having a very bad Christmas Eve. Will the morning be better? College AU

Author: nihon_love
Recipient: inuzenko
Title: A Scary Fairy Song
Little America meets a new friend, who unintentionally end up causing him traumas that will haunt him for the rest of his life.

Author: santeelegs
Recipient: sayasama
Title: From Japan With Love
America is hanging out with some other country an awful lot lately, and England decides to employ his master espionage skills to find out why.

Author: undone_reading
Recipient: satirical_dream
Title: Operation L'amour
( Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5) COMPLETE
Alfred and Arthur are both quite in love with one another, but they're stuck dancing around each other and can't seem to get together. Arthur makes a deal with Francis in an attempt to get help with the problem, but when Alfred sees them together, he becomes jealous.

Author: baterina_1234
Recipient: plextral
Title: Pure in Heart
When Alfred decides to play a prank, he gets caught. This leads to getting kicked by a unicorn. After a bit of research, Alfred finds out that unicorns are only attracted to pure virgins. So obviously, it’s his job to protect Arthur’s pure maidenly virtue. He finds out that it doesn’t need protecting.

Author: riiyacub
Recipient: cyanclouds
Title: Alfred Jones and the Overprotective Prefect
( Chapter 1)
"This was the year Alfred Jones - the Boy Who Didn't Die - came to Hogwarts."

Author: saingirl101
Recipient: saramon
Title: UST
France is fed up with the unresolved sexual tension; he gives a humorously awkward talk to one of them.

Author: starfoxx322
Recipient: sweet_tard
Title: Newsflash: We Have a Hostage Situation
( Chapter 1 | Chapter 2) COMPLETE
"An AU where Alfred is an actual superhero and rescues Arthur all damsel-in-distress style." Arthur Kirkland is the editor of a New York City newspaper who is forced to go out on assignment when his star reporter won't answer his phone. There was no way he could have anticipated the first page news story that would unfold.

Author: chinquix
Recipient: purejabberwocky
Title: I'll Take Care of You
England is deathly ill and America is trying to comfort him the best he can.

Author: jacquzy
Recipient: madlytae
Title: The Advantages of Solitude
( Chapter 1 | Chapter 2) COMPLETED
It wasn’t a date, and he wasn’t lonely, and he didn’t fancy him. Certainly not.

Author: madlytae
Recipient: shilasu
Title: All My Bells Are Ringing
He felt shy, vulnerable, and he blushed when England sat besides him and England blushed back and America knew some country of Love or Passion or whatever was laughing at him.

Author: alexon_charm
Recipient: xtwilightzx
Title: Secret
Early on in their relationship, America and England are trying to keep their relationship secret. Not because they're insecure or anything, but because the relationship seems more precious this way. Yet they can't help acting like silly lovers when they finally meet again.

Author: bluemyst19
Recipient: oyashirosmiko
Title: Summer Heat
In the spirit of being totally out of season: England complains that it's hot. America does nothing to help cool her off. Yuri. [locked]

Author: smart_chan
Recipient: chinquix
Title: The Gentleman's Story of Utopian Love
High School AU, showing the progression of their relationship.

Author: laur10s
Recipient: nihon_love
Title: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Alfred and Arthur spend their very first Christmas together as an official couple.

Author: inuzenko
Recipient: gloaming
Title: A Christmas Journey
England's flight to Heathrow is canceled, and America offers to let him crash as his place. Unfortunately, they have to take the subway there. In the cold. On Christmas Eve.

Author: sakuratsukikage
Recipient: lumossolarum
Title: My True Love Gave to Me
America decides to be romantic and creative and use the twelve days of Christmas carol as inspiration for his gifts to England.

Author: aria_dc_al_fine
Recipient: 9_miles_high
Title: Rooftop Debauchery
Gakuen, on the roof, Arthur asking for it (demanding XD) and getting it hard and rough, Alfred top. [R-18, locked]

Author: fivedayslater
Recipient: antisolar_point
Title: Waiting for your Call
( Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4) COMPLETE
One day Arthur receives probably the strangest missed call of his life from an American named Alfred. He doesn't think much of it...until Alfred calls back the next day.

Author: scarletchou
Recipient: tony_phone_home
Title: Sharp Theft
( Chapter 1 | Chapter 2) COMPLETE
Hetalia Fantasia AU wherein Alfred and Arthur are bounty hunters that somehow always manage to compete with each other and snog simultaneously.

Author: catgirlprime
Recipient: jade_rzeznic
Title: I Never Kissed You
Alfred takes responsibility for Arthur at a college party. After a sudden kiss, he develops a mouth fixation.

Author: takiphevoli
Recipient: sillyputtie
Title: Sparks
Five small ways America and England keep the spark in their relationship.

Author: flyingfortress
Recipient: itachi00sasuke
Title: Unintended
After fighting a chilly snowball war, America employs his British beau as a shower partner to warm the two of them up. They both intend for the shower to be nothing more than what it was meant to be used for, until the steam begins to get to their heads… [R-18, locked]

Author: gloaming
Recipient: couryielle
Title: My Bunny Lies Over the Sea
rthur would have been lying to himself if he were to say he didn’t return to the park out of curiosity, to see if that boy was still there. Besides, it was only to give the kid a piece of his mind after being treated so rudely.

Author: sppandaaa
Recipient: alliterations
Title: A Hero's Attempt to Ask His Damsel to the Christmas Dance (And He Means Damsel in a Loose Way)
( Chapter 1)
Gakuen AU. Arthur is religiously preparing for the upcoming Christmas dance. And of course Alfred wants nothing more to go to the dance with Arthur, but doesn't know exactly know how to go about asking the British Student Council president.

Author: haro
Recipient: takiphevoli
Title: Magic Works
It's never too late to ask someone to the Yule Ball... [Harry Potter AU]

Author: museofepics
Recipient: nutburger
Title: To Ravel and Cross
( Chapter 1 | Chapter 2) COMPLETE
America takes up embroidery. Of course, it's all England's fault (whether he knows it or not).

Author: berseker
Recipient: sakuratsukikage
Title: A Christmas Gift
England gave him so many things. And he took away so much too, but- gave him so much. It would be nice to give him something, too.

Author: remorsful_rain
Recipient: ladyamore00
Title: Mistletoe, what?
Alfred is a injured bombardier feeling a bit homesick over the holidays. Doctor Arthur Kirkland is going to change that.

Author: twhitesakura
Recipient: smrtypantz
Title: Marry Me
AU. Arthur is a foreigner in New York City who’s student visa is about to expire. The only solution to deportation? To marry an American.

Author: tanarwater
Recipient: kilehye
Title: A strange mood
Alfred had been acting slightly strange all day. He then approaches Arthur in the evening in Arthur's study. [R-18, locked]

Author: kupodesu
Recipient: museofepics
Title: The Persistence of Memory
( Chapter 1)
In which America promises England the most romantic Christmas he's ever had, provided he gets back in time, and England's dreams are stranger than they seem.

Author: cyanclouds
Recipient: flyingfortress
Title: The Things That You Do
After a simply horrible day, Arthur trudges himself to Alfred’s home for business matters. Though, what he finds isn’t exactly what he expected…

Author: tophatviolet
Recipient: starfoxx322
Title: The Places We Go
Songfic based on Lay Me Down by Dirty Heads (ft. Rome of Sublime.) Wild West setting preferred. Focus on their relationship as they struggle to stay alive.

Author: ottful
Recipient: ekazoo
Title: How America Managed to Charm The Embroidery Club (And England) In Only His Underwear
There are upsides and downsides to having a very charming and handsome American boyfriend. When that American boyfriend walks into a meeting of your embroidery club in a less-than-appropriate amount of clothing, the upsides can be difficult to find.

Author: ladyamore00
Recipient: maple_summer
Title: Fallen Angels
( Chapter 1)
"When I asked God for a sign, I wasn't asking for a miracle, or a messenger, or even a note. I just wanted something to jump out at me and I'd know right away it was my gold star of approval from the Big Man upstairs."

Author: oresame
Recipient: maiyeng
Title: When Singing Fails..
Alfred is a pretty awesome guy, who wants to give his best friend Arthur a gift that sends the right message.

Author: kurachu
Recipient: satancat
Title: It's a Rental
The original prompt was "Gakuen Hetalia--America and England working on the same couch. America starts to get cold but England's fine because he has his tea. So America leans over and sandwiches himself between England's back and the sofa, because it's warmer there."

Author: wefasappleblood
Recipient: tropicalna
Title: Sweetness
Kittens always seem to bring people together, even when they seem to hate each other.

Author: shadowfaeyre
Recipient: faeriesnook
Title: Snow Day
All America wanted was for England to enjoy the snow...

Author: insanityin3d
Recipient: sillyjasdero
Title: "Spend Christmas With Me..."
The last day before Christmas break leaves Student Council President, Arthur Kirkland, locked in the office after school with a pile of paperwork. But Alfred F. Jones has a little surprise for the busy English student.

Author: pantstacular
Recipient: catgirlprime
Title: Getting into the Christmas Spirit
People gather together with their loved ones and share this wonderful season with those they care for. This is what Christmas is about. However, sometimes, things get in the way. It happens to the best of us and often comes at the worst of times.

Author: didgeridoodle
Recipient: strawberryburst
Title: Soundless Wings
To somewhat assuage England's stress from work, America presents him the most unusual of treats - a ride in a hot air balloon.

Author: sephydark
Recipient: pantstacular
Title: Here We Come A-Caroling
America and England are supposed to be spending Christmas eve together, but his work gets in the way. Now he has to find a way to make things up with America.

Author: flyingfortress
Recipient: vampire_scooby
Title: Of Spongebob, Merlin and First Love
( Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3) COMPLETE
Ten-year old Alfred Jones wants nothing to do with his babysitter, thirteen-year old Arthur Kirkland. All Alfred wants to do is watch Spongebob, but Arthur insists on stomping on his wishes. However, Alfred’s wariness towards his newfound sitter are quick to change, as are his feelings towards the older boy.

Author: anya_urameshi
Recipient: saingirl101
Title: Red String
( Chapter 1 | Chapter 2) COMPLETE
Legend tells of a red string connecting fated lovers, entwining their lives and destinies irrevocably. This story is about two men who meet by chance and find their lives constantly colliding as fate sends them down a path neither expected.

Author: phox99
Recipient: liete
Title: The Weight on Your Fingers
( Chapter 1)
When life gets hard, you gotta roll with the punches, or that's how Alfred sees it. So when Arthur's job security is threatened, Alfred is more than ready to be his husband's hero.

Author: long_scarves
Recipient: bality
Title: Single Ladies
America liked it so he tried to put a ring on it. Three times. And failed.

Author: baby_bat_pro
Recipient: ithronluin
Title: The Only One Who Can Save Me
Alfred finally breaks and England is there to help.

Author: deegeeak
Recipient: insanityin3d
Title: Forget me not
Being left alone by someone is never fun, especially when it's Alfred.

Author: gandmvsm
Recipient: riiyacub
Title: Fond Of
Alfred got a cat. Arthur's cat Lizzy is Not Pleased.

Author: metatronis
Recipient: pilipa
Title: Simply Human Nature
Amid stress over the elections, America brings England with him to the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. Established relationship.

Author: semebay
Recipient: icy_piyo21
Title: Don't Like Parties
Holiday parties suck, and Arthur knows all about it. Gakuen AU, USUK + Mistletoe + Kiss.

Author: faeriesnook
Recipient: narwhal123
Title: Your Hero
Time changes, children, even colonies grow. For the longest time England was his hero, but that too changes. Now, America wants nothing more than to become England’s hero himself.

Author: euphoria_anger
Recipient: tophatviolet
Title: House of God
Arthur reluctantly accompanies Alfred to the church on Christmas Eve and learns that religion doesn't have to mean kneeling and sitting when your told and listening to sermons that don't mean anything to you.

Author: pilipa
Recipient: hakuku
Title: The American Your Man Could Smell Like
America tries to seduce England using the power of Old Spice. Hilarity ensues.

Author: sayasama
Recipient: aria_dc_al_fine
Title: Making It Up
It's surprisingly easy to get the multiple universes mixed up, and it just so happens that for England, this task is even easier.

Author: shilasu
Recipient: long_scarves
Title: Cats Only Know
America brings over a pair of cats that are hellbent on causing chaos, and just maybe what should have happened a long time ago.

Author: vampire_scooby
Recipient: ayboo_da_bish
Title: Arabian Nights
( Chapter 1)
"Classic Disney movie crossover or rewrite- any Disney movie, so long as it's one of the classics" -- The movie happens to be Aladdin

Author: blood_winged
Recipient: didgeridoodle
Title: Do you believe in magic?
England performs a magic show solely for America's entertainment, probably as a thinly veiled attempt to prove that his magic is truly authentic. America, being the science nut that he is, tries to figure out the trick behind the illusions - but there's really none.

Author: amael_elen
Recipient: blulious
Title: Shake it like a Polaroid picture
America having a back fetish, and really loving his dear England's back, and asking one day to take a picture/draw it. [R-18, locked]

Author: xtwilightzx
Recipient: osco_blue_fairy
Title: Firebrand
Alfred had been restless all night, this first time they were alone together outside world politics since they got their feelings out in the open. It had been amusing, watching Alfred fidget all night, wavering on what he wanted to do. It was one of the reasons why Arthur was so willing to make a potential fool of himself, by showing Alfred a Bharatanatyam dance.

Author: angel_shin
Recipient: euphoria_anger
Title: First Christmas
First Christmas together as a couple. Kind of cheesy but cute.

Author: smrtypantz
Recipient: oresame
Title: Different
(Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3)
Arthur is the son from a pureblood family. The problem? He himself is a half-blood. For this reason, he becomes self-loathing and tries to immerse himself in the dark arts…that is, until, he meets a hyperactive, overly-confident boy in Gryffindor named Alfred.

Author: kasumicc
Recipient: fivedayslater
Title: The Amerikaner Saga
(Chapter 1 | Chapter 2) COMPLETE
England and Denmark get captured by fairies. America and Norway have to save them.

Author: jessa_bellee
Recipient: baterina_1234
Title: Sweet Kisses
America invites England over for dinner and refuses to use his table manners. England has to get him to shut his mouth some how...

Author: slashy_lady
Recipient: anonfirefly
Title: That You Are Loved
England had told him his wishes, spoken in the middle of an air raid during the war while London burnt aflame around them. And the raid had ended. And the war had passed. But those wishes remained, and it was time for America to fulfill them.

Author: parttime_job
Recipient: yuanhua
Title: The Life of a Modern-Day Hermit in a Nutshell
There was Arthur, proud and gloomy and grouchy. Then came Alfred, and now they say, "There's Arthur, and the speccy git silly-looking tall guy beside him is Alfred."

Author: sillyjasdero
Recipient: wishfull2
Title: Beginnings
Wizard England accidentally summons Demon America

Author: shantari
Recipient: dunya01
Title: Hit Or Miss
(Chapter 1)
HitmanArthur!AU! where Arthur needs a driver and gets Alfred.

Author: ab_jaded
Recipient: nightblink
Title: Fallen
( Chapter 1 )
They've been a couple for a while but America notices that England is avoiding sex. For good reason - aroused England turns into a rough, possessive Britannia Angel and is afraid that he'll drive America away (like he may have done to others in the past). Up to you how America finds this out, as well as what happens afterwards.

Author: buddha_loves_me
Recipient: phox99
Title: This One Old Street
Alfred and Arthur spend a slow Sunday day together, before Arthur is slotted to leave for London that evening.

Author: wishfull2
Recipient: remorsful_rain
Title: Winning the War
America and England fighting side by side on D-day.

Author: childishsadism
Recipient: neynaoe
Title: Martini
The request was Seme!England. [locked]

Author: osco_blue_fairy
Recipient: diana_lucifera
Title: When the Sun Sets
Alfred Jones is determined to catch prim and perfect student body president Arthur Kirkland breaking the rules. He gets a bit more than he bargained for.

Author: tropicalna
Recipient: jime_chan
Title: Goose Chase
(Chapter 1)
England’s brothers are determined to protect him. Hungary wants to make sure they have the perfect first date. France is only being France. And America just hopes that England remains oblivious to it all.



Artist: miyuki13
Recipient: kisu_fu
Nyotalia fluff

Artist: xconquistadora
Recipient: parttime_job
Project no. 704- Android!US

Artist: kisu_fu
Recipient: caohime
Mage!England seducing Gunner!America.

Artist: sasuheat
Recipient: bexara
America with his head in England's lap.

Artist: caohime
Recipient: katokatsu
2 Fanarts: Camping Trip & Science!Nerd.

Artist: oyashirosmiko
Recipient: d0nt_f0rget
Nyotalia Date

Artist: monobuu
Recipient: deegeeak
Scuba Reporters

Artist: d0nt_f0rget
Recipient: tanarwater
Christmas Hug

Artist: maiyeng
Recipient: riyuyami

Artist: anonfirefly
Recipient: vesryn
Little!America, England and Bunnies

Artist: satancat
Recipient: sasuheat
Asleep on the couch

Artist: chiisana00
Recipient: 89pixels
Fantasia RPG Sacrifice

Artist: monobuu
Recipient: kasumicc
Roaring 20's

Artist: dunya01
Recipient: monobuu

Artist: lumossolarum
Recipient: abarero
Aviator Kisses

Artist: mizu_kanon
Recipient: spirallights
Angels' Night Out

Artist: colevic
Recipient: voicekitten
Period Clothing with a Modern Twist

Artist: voicekitten
Recipient: jedishampoo
Caught on camera

Artist: kilehye
Recipient: santeelegs
Borrowed Jacket: Part 1, Part 2 COMPLETE

Artist: resimaderu
Recipient: shantari
Playing in the snow

Artist: katokatsu
Recipient: shiyasim
Post-It Note Love

Artist: rolmolo
Recipient: smart_chan
In front of the fireplace

Artist: blulious
Recipient: ottful
My Overprotective Boyfriend: Part 1, Part 2 [locked]

Artist: antisolar_point
Recipient: slashy_lady
Kissing in the rain

Artist: hyper_euphoria
Recipient: miyuki13
Ice Skating

Artist: socialholic
Recipient: haro
Wedding Portrait

Artist: tony_phone_home
Recipient: kurachu
Zombie Movie

Artist: lostdonut
Recipient: jacquzy

Artist: the_evil_pastry
Recipient: chiisana00
Two Santas

Artist: kitty_mittenz17
Recipient: xconquistadora
Night before Christmas

Artist: cyanclouds
Recipient: flyingfortress
Sleeping on the couch

Artist: jean_wired
Recipient: castrooo
Historical/Period clothing

Artist: unaccompanied_g
Recipient: shadowfaeyre

Artist: iceappletea
Recipient: kanami_yuuta

Artist: kanami_yuuta
Recipient: kitty_mittenz17
Christmas Tree Decorating: Part 1

Artist: kio_chan1339
Recipient: bonyariotaku

Artist: speciate
Recipient: resimaderu
Seperated for Christmas

Artist: nightblink
Recipient: sexy_yuri88
Dark Wonderland

Artist: nutburger
Recipient: blood_winged
Americat as a gift

Artist: bality
Recipient: rolmolo
Wartime Christmas

Artist: 89pixels
Recipient: rewritten
Scarf sharing

Artist: ekazoo
Recipient: twhitesakura
By the fireplace

Artist: hakuku
Recipient: sephydark

Artist: bluubun
Recipient: speciate
Gakuen, Sharing a Blanket: Part 1

Artist: vesryn
Recipient: mizu_kanon
Britannia Angel and America

Artist: 9_miles_high
Recipient: laur10s
Holding hands in winter

Artist: yuanhua
Recipient: kagenya
Police!UK x US

Artist: maiyeng
Recipient: hyper_euphoria
Snow Angels

Artist: sexy_yuri88
Recipient: semebay

Artist: miyuki13
Recipient: kio_chan1339
Drunken England

Artist: kitty_mittenz17
Recipient: gandmvsm

Artist: socialholic
Recipient: anya_urameshi
Forever united here somehow

Artist: sasuheat
Recipient: undone_reading
Jazz Age fem!US

Thank you everyone! And spread the holiday cheer :)
Tags: 2010 secret santa fic/art exchange, archive!post, mod!post

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